Happiness comes ONLY from Jesus! No person can satisfy you; no marriage will either without Jesus.

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Christian Music: Brandon Lake, Phil Wickham, Jeremy Camp, Chuck Schwandt - “unconditional love” ANNE Wilson & more.

I love the outdoors, Beaches/oceans, boating, mountains, 4 wheelers, bumper cars 🤣, fitness, sunsets, waterfalls… list continues.
About Me
SPENDING TIME WITH GOD. I’m also 67 can’t change it. Please update your picture. All my pictures are within the last 2 years.

We are EXACTLY where our Father wants us. My “PEACE” comes from a lifestyle I LOVE: MY 🎶 CHRISTIAN 🎶 MUSIC! Not into all the OLD stuff I grew up with! It’s ok now & then. My lifestyle has changed. 🎶🎤 first thing I do after my morning devotion. So if you don’t like Christian music; you won’t like me. 🤷‍♀️

I stand very firm on the power of agreement. If two or more people agree together in prayer, not doubting, it shall be done. (93% of the time). Do you have the faith to believe in the impossible; God specializes in TURNING it to possible.

✝️ God is first in my life. I don’t fight or argue, life is too short. When PUSHED, I get testy & pull away; I will say something & talk about it. It’s settled unless YOU bring it up again … NAGGING ISN’T allowed in MY house & neither is complaining day after day.

Fun, laughter, joy, peace comes from God’s spirit; all negativity doesn’t MEANING NO COMPLAINING HOW YOU WERE WRONGED 🤧 by your ex! Get over it; lay it at Jesus feet. None of us are perfect! Learn from mistakes and MOVE ON. Now for the widowed; my heart 💜 hurts with you, but hopefully they ran the race well. I will never understand why some things happen but they do.

I am a STRONG believer and try to obey ALL of the Bible. No lies, no deceit, NO playing HEAD games, chaos, it’s not in my ballpark; honestly is what I give. I EXPECT fun, happiness, love & laughter IN RETURN…& HONESTLY! When I love someone, it’s for life but it doesn’t mean we get married. It just means I will never talk negative about you.

I love TALKING about all the miracles I experienced. I feel I am a FAVORITE of God’s even though he has no favorites. 💕 yes, I’m human and make mistakes but they don’t control me.

What is your favorite 😊 scriptures? One of mine is Exodus 14:14 God will fight my battles. Also Proverbs 23:20 “Do not join those who drink too much wine or gorge themselves on meat”. Gluttony 🤮 is a sin that many Christians find easy to laugh about while other sins are quickly attacked. SIN IS SIN.

My favorite statement is “God said it; that settles it.”

🥵 I am not materialistic; I don’t want your money. I want your heart … God gives me everything I need.

I am not desperate for a relationship… I would like to marry some day. If God’s purpose for us is a relationship let’s find out 😁. BUT I NEED TO BE ATTRACTED TO YOU for any type of marriage relationship & you to me.

I know this is long; BUT WE ARE GETTING OLD. Trying to express myself. Maybe I will lose 99% of you… BUT GOD has that ONE MAN just for Me 🎶🥰
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