A simple life, a simple house, a big garden - a private chapel.

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British Columbia
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I bounce between Sts. Peter and Paul Orthodox Church in Kelowna & Assumption of St. Mary in Vernon. I usually attend Vespers & Liturgy, and major feast days.

I pray everyday (a.m. & p.m.) and read the Bible daily.
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Every week
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1 or 2 on occasion
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Possibly, who knows
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Landscape Designer / Business Owner
Gardening, Cooking, Woodworking and Building, Reading (History, Early Church Fathers and Apostles, some fiction, etc.). Walking in God's creation. Hiking, Backpacking, Camping, Fishing.

Podcasts: Church of the Eternal Logos, Paradise and Utopia, etc.
About Me
Hello and thank you for stopping by!
I hope this is a profitable snap shot of who I am.

Short version:
Prodigal Son Luke 15:11-32

Long version:
I grew up mostly in the USA, in the Deep South (Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina), but I am Canadian by birth. That makes me a polite and courteous fellow with a healthy pinch of southern charm and hospitality.

I was raised in the Roman Catholic Church, but after my parents divorced I wandered away in search of meaning and resolution to the pain of a broken home. I was, however, very fortunate to grow up in the Boy Scouts, and was looked after and mentored by very caring men and fathers, who put emphasis on a Christian Life; serving your community; defending the values of family, brotherhood, and sacrifice; and, being a Steward of Earth.

I wandered through the relativism of the New Age world (Buddhism, Taoism, Hinduism/Yoga, Lakota Sweatlodge & Sundances, Western Mystery Traditions, etc.) through my 20s, and began to become increasingly dissatisfied with the un-nourishing fruits that they offered. Around this time, I went back to graduate school to study Landscape Architecture, and many things began to orient themselves around Christ (I just didn't know it yet), and, after several years, I stumbled out of the forest into the clearing of the Eastern Orthodox Church.

After many years of searching I have found/recognized the Truth, and it is a Who not a What - Jesus Christ! I could not be more grateful for the providence of God for bringing me home - All Glory to God!

I am blessed to design and build gardens for a living - ones that inspire the nobility of the human spirit. I love to garden and watch things grow; cook food to share with friends; tinker with discarded objects - making treasure from trash.

I am looking for a wife with whom I can have a family with (I am ok if you already have a couple children, although I would like to have some of our own) - dedicated to Christ and the love and care for our neighbours, family, and friends.

I am not driven by material goods. I am skeptical of modern culture and where it is headed. I put an emphasis on self-reliance and being able/willing to work hard and develop skills. I am very caring, considerate, and well mannered. I dress humbly, speak plainly and correctly, and treat all people with respect.

I want to share a simple life, a simple house, and a big garden with a modest, kind, and loving woman - a private chapel.

This last point may be contentious, so forgive me. It is not my intention to be disrespectful. I have chosen to not receive the C19 vaccine, and am looking for a wife who has chosen the same for herself and children, if she has any. I respect everyone's decision to do what they feel is best for themselves, as have I.

I would prefer to meet someone closer to me, but am open to messages from afar.
First Date
Tea/Coffee and a walk in God’s Creation
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