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I have been a single father for about 12 years; we live in a small town in the country and love it. I am the kind of person who does not often hold my feelings close to the chest I am very open, yet I am not overly sociable, I have a good sense of Humor and I enjoy romance and music. I believe that a woman is to be honored and held in high esteem and am trying to teach my daughter everything I can about relationships. I am loyal to people and friends and I am very passionate about what I believe. My favorite saying is "Live what you believe, don't Believe what you live" I like to cook good meals as I was a chef for many years, and am use to doing the dishes and the wash.

Some things I am looking for in a woman is, a woman loves the Lord first and foremost, who is caring, compassionate and sensitive who stands firm on things that are important to her who's outgoing and vivacious but doesn't need to always be on the move, fun and interesting a woman who likes trying new things. I am looking for a woman who is a deep well and desires for her man to draw from that well, a woman whose heart is not easy to touch because she knows who she is and knows the treasure that she is to God and family. A woman whose heart and soul is a garden wanting only for seeds to be planted not giving of her heart and soul until the seeds are grown into mature fruit that need not be picked by a man but is freely given in perpetual harvest.

So that you can know something about me I have been a minister at a local prison. I have also been to bible collage and have taught in 2 small church Bible Schools, so I love to teach and talk about the word. My hearts desire is to see people and the body of Christ walking in the fullness of Christ and to see families and marriages strong in the Lord and in the power of His might. That is my passion. I find the gospel not only to be about what we HAVE received but about what we are to give. Jesus said to the woman at the well in John 4 that the Spirit would be a well springing up unto eternal life, and that life is to affect others. Is that your heart is that your passion? I find that there is nothing more fulfilling in life then pouring myself out in Christ unto others and giving life for the fullness of the gospel. That is what I am looking for a team member in life to fulfill Christ in the earth in families and in marriages and to demonstrate the Glory of God. And that should start as friends, to build a strong covenant relationship that walks in the power of God in that relationship. So if these are you beliefs and this is your heart then feel free to contact me.

I was asked this question by a member of this site.

What do you seek in a relationship?

So I thought I would answer it for all to see. This is my answer..

According to the Bible one should look for a person who has the same vision and direction in life. From what I see in the bible if a marriage is to be lasting and walk in the power of god a couple must have the same vision or be able to join visions and direction to fulfill the will of God in and through the marriage. My heart and vision and passion is to minister to marriages and families and to bring couples into an understanding of the power of God that he put into marriage as described in the bible. So I am seeking someone of like vision some one who has a passion for seeing marriages and families walking in the power of God. God said when he FORMED the woman the he was making a help mate for the man and the man after seeing the woman said this is now bone of my bone flesh of my flesh. He recognized the LIKEESS of the woman to himself and the calling and command of God for them to have dominion in the earth the dominion that god had placed with them.

So this is what I am looking for in a relationship. A woman that I see has the same calling of God in her heart and the same passion. Only with that will the marriage be successful and fulfilled in the power and life of God.

Thank you for reading my profile and May God bless you in all your relationships.
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I will supprise you and you will love it.:applause::bouncy:
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