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1st and please, I am not interested in anyone outside the United States. I know God can do all things, but logistically, even in separate States can be tough enough. Thanks for understanding.

I Love Jesus and His word, therefore study in prayer daily. I am also very strong in my faith and that the word of God is sufficient for ALL things to life. With that, I am not perfect, no-one is, but Christ within each that accepts Him "IS"!

I graduated from Calvary Chapel Bible College as well taught there. I also have spoke and taught at other venues (i.e. mens conferences, bible colleges, and churches) and continue in doing so as God leads.

I am extremely conservative and biblically based in that view and the constitution. I was in the military and from a military and Christian upbringing. My mom escaped from the Nazi's and Communists in the summer of 1944 and understand what socialism is all about, therefore I am against it. With the liberty that God has placed me and you, we have the complete liberty to do and choose what we enjoy, but we don't choose the consequences. Therefore I choose to worship Christ with all my heart, therefore all I do needs to reflect that. But....

I love to laugh and make people laugh even if it's at my own expense. I can be very laid back and allow the time dictate its moods, yet I have convictions that follow His word in my life. Therefore I have moral standards, for I know I am accountable to Christ. I love to go to church and be outdoors on a run, a hike, and almost anything that requires athleticism. I enjoy snow skiing, golf, scuba diving etc. I am a man that loves to treat a woman as such, i.e. like a lady. I'm more old fashioned in that I love to open the doors and have a woman know they are a queen. But most importunity, you are a child of God. There is a beautiful thing God ordained between a man and a woman, I thoroughly love and enjoy that within the compounds of His ordainment. With all that, know that I am a man that's learned though much falling to stay at the feet of Christ.

Yet, I am anything but boring. I’m constantly on the move, yet, I’ll watch a movie or be in an intellectual conversation, whether biblical, astronomy, Optics Physics, or just about life.. I like home projects (all sorts, I made some of my own furniture).

I am in ministry, and currently completed a book about the "end time" church and currently beginning the publishing process. I would love to teach in South Sudan for two weeks with "Far Reaching Ministries." With this heart to serve Christ, I am looking for a woman "like hearted" in love with Jesus. One that spends time in prayer and His Word. Someone "Genuine" that loves people and love to encourage people in Christ. I love energy of someone that is outgoing, so if you "really" want a man that knows his responsibility of being a godly man that leads yet very active, and If you have a desire to be honored by a man that will treat you as God instructs, then text me. I'd love to hear from you, for He gives those desires of the heart that pleases Him. (why? for Him to get the glory.)

Again, I am a man that has strong convictions that will not only obey and follow His word, but actually "desires"to please the Father (1 Peter 1:3a) and takes "joy" in doing's so. This is my desire, yet not perfect, but praying daily to be more subject to His Word and declare 1 John 1:9 often.

I look forward to laugh, cry, pray, learn, walk, hike together and do whatever, and just enjoy one another in Christ. Let's take an exciting hike up the mountain of life together in the fulness of Christ.
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Coffee for a one on one to get to begin the acquaintance and turn it into possible more.
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