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🌹 Preferences: Brazilian, European, South African, South American, Australian. Outdoor Camping & survival, Family & friends. Bible, Drawing & design, Business, Theology, Psychology, Futbol, gym, Outdoor renovations, Hiking.
About Me
Hello I’m Rory,

My relationship with my King Jesus is the most important part of my life, knowing his love and walking with him has shown me what I desire most from life. I'm continually changed by his love and words and know that without him I am nothing. I desire a woman who loves Christ and the scriptures, to walk together abiding in his love.

Please be patient, my inbox is full and will get back to you. I’m busy with work running a business, being with friends and family and enjoying life so I will do my best to msg by the weekend. My ideal weekend includes an awesome breakfast with fish, egg, salad, avo sweet potato, fruit and muesli. Futbol in the park or a bike ride, maybe a drive to the beach before dinner and a movie. A good book from C.S. Lewis on a Sunday and a chat in a garden about Gods character and love through our Lord Jesus Christ. I appreciate kindness in a woman so don’t feel shy we’re both looking for the right partner, lets enjoy learning about each other. I’m thankful for what God has given me, a loving christian family in a beautiful country. Send me a message and lets chat ;) Ate Logo.

A bit more on my favourite teachers
My favourite teachers are Pastor R.C. Sproul, Pastor John Piper, Pastor/evangelist Ray Comfort, Pastor/evangelist Cliff Knetchle & Pastor John MacArthur. Favourite books are C.S. Lewis books, the Magicians Nephew is my favourite of the Narnia series, all C.S. Lewis books on love, God and relationships and fictional works. Pastor John Piper books and a few Pastor John MacArthur books. Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke on evangelism, John Maxwell on business and leadership. I can’t wait to get Pastor Ray Comforts bible that assists in evangelism.

State of our World

On a case by case basis I will help pay for your treatment if you’re vaccinated. With over 4.25 million adverse reactions/side effects/reports to these mRNA vaccines on the World Health Organisation website (which is 1% underreported making it closer to over 400 million adverse reactions) (Covid 19 mRNA Vaccines were developed in 9 months) it seems we were all lied to about the safety of these warp speed emergency use authorised vaccines. Please do the search on the WHO site or use this link . You can also hear some of their stories and see how their lives have been impacted on telegram here .

There are now 10’s of thousands of doctors and nurses worldwide who have joined together against the governments mandatory vaccines and adverse reports not being spoken about on mainstream media. You can find a lot of these doctors and nurses speaking boldly on rumble, odysee, bitchute and Brighteon. As a starting point search “Cause of death after COVID-19 vaccination & Undeclared components of the COVID-19 vaccines” odysee, these are Austrian doctors showing you whats inside the vaccine, this video is connected to a court case against Pfizer and Politicians enforcing vaccines, or you can use this link - to find out what is really going on with vaccinations and Covid. Here are seven nurses talking about the increase in vaccine injuries in the hospitals . There is a treatment for vaccinated being used worldwide with great success, for those who’ve taken the vaccine, search dr Zandra Botha copy of treatment using DuckDuckGo or use link below. Pfizer has released their documents of adverse reports by court order in March of 2022, these side effects were well known and they still released it as an experimental drug allowing them freedom from liability. Pfizer made 36.8 billion dollars last here from tax payers money, so its not about you and all about them - Bill Gates made $200 billion from investments in Covid Vaccines last year as well. In the space of 1 year 2020-2021 there was 2.45 million adverse reports from Covid vaccines, thats more than all other 22 vaccines combined over a span of 50 years. Complete evidence (videos) from doctors and scientists can be found here .

There is a treatment being used to help anyone who is vaccinated clean the vaccine from the body, Dr Zandre Botha Copy of Treatment link - please see a medical practitioner, ozone therapist clinic, naturopath and ask for it - usually IV drip and injection. In the meantime you can treat yourself with the drugs available from your chemist or herbal store, for Asia Pacific: NAC 500mg, Mega Oxygen and possibly alternative ChloroOxygen-chlorophyll concentrate, Zeolite alternatively Cilantro Heavy metal detox, Astaxanthin, Molecular Hydrogen. Nutraceuticals : Anti Coagulant, Turmeric, Garlic, Ivermectin (, Colloidal silver-drink and nebulise as chlorine dioxide, Vitamin D3 5000mg, Alkaline powder, Miracle Booster Detox Super Foods and DNA repair, Spirulina, Moringa, Black Seed, Barley, Beetroot powder. Consult a medical professional. Reasons I would like an unvaccinated wife, please watch Del Bigtree of the Highwire, Stew Peters and Alex Jones (infowars) (use DuckDuckGo search engine) as they discuss this with doctors around the world.

Thats a lot to take in, please forgive the length of this as my hope is to help as many as I can while finding my wife. Lastly I love playing the piano and would love to talk about my work in Design and Character development. I will be available on weekends. If you’ve made it this far feel free to contact me and lets get to know each other.

My King 👑 Jesus Christ above everything.

Favourite scriptures (Matthew 13: 3-58, chapter 5 & 6 and John 14,15,16 & 17 many more). I’m a Bible study group leader.
First Date
🌹Surprises, going to three different places. Experiencing new sites and sounds. Dinner, desert and a walk by the beach or through the city while talking and getting to know each other.
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