I don’t know what happened but due to technical issues I’m not able to read messages nor to see

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an adventurous person who loves god and curious about her dreams;
I love motor sports specially drift racing;
Hiking; climbing; cycling; skating; skiing; basketball; swimming.. in general outdoor activities;
Reading articles and sometimes documentary; inn
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I don’t know what happened but due to technical issues I’m not able to read messages nor to see who visited my profile so you can find me on Intgm by my name or Ben.ilav

I am a former muslim who found the True God Jesus Christ few years ago and fell in love with The LOVE, I feel I have a flesh but we are all missing our missions, we need to just embrace the reality of The Lord, and not miss the beauty of this world
*for some people here on this platform: I am Middle Eastern guy from Kuwait & Iran, if you’re seeking western citizenship may the Lord bless you
Another interesting stereotyped mindset nova days & specially for women is that they think the man is the one who has to take the first step always!!! Let me be clear on that, if you read the histories you will find out that it’s totally opposite and the lady is the one who allows the man to come front, it’s the first move and then the second move will be from the man!!! I’m not saying that ladies have to know how to manipulate but to be able to persuade the man they liked!!! I strongly believe Eve had the first move in front of the tree! Also She was brought to the man and then man named her woman!!!
Let me know what’s your opinion on this 😉😅
I love walking in the forest, cycling around the world, listening to the sea but someone has to earn the money 😓😅

Ladies who have mental problems please play somewhere else, let’s not waste each other’s time
First Date
I don’t understand what exactly means dating! If it means to meet the person and communicate with, to me the environment isn’t an issue, We don’t go to church but we are the church;
If it’s meant to have sexual affair then I guess we need to repent right now 🤓, Well said it: my flesh wants things I don’t want!!!
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