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Student in nutrition/ also 1st year Bible college degree. Qualified clinical aromatherapist
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Guy's you need to keep your settings better open. Some of you i can't mail, simply cos your cut off age is one year below me!, or because of where i live (even though i'd move for you). It's silly. Go change your settings!

I love hearing you all talk about God. Teach me and i'll have endless time for you.. :P I also make great conversation XD , but for reasons below i've kept away from this site for some time. The dream would be to have some dude lead me with wild enthusiasm towards God's plans for us. But i know dreams. And i know reality. So a friend is all i hope for. :)

I can tell near enough straight away if i would want to live with someone for the rest of my life or not. But every time i get on here i get too shy to even remotely speak to those of you who graciously stand out to me. And it's funny, because i'm a wild extrovert. I keep thinking to myself.. "I could never be worthy of a man like him". It's quite overwhelming to come across such powerful people. It makes me shy.

In all honesty i'm not like most others. I can't be that normal wife that some might expect to make function practically in an equation. Right now i'd need a provider. I'm more like a mermaid you want to take home when you find her washed into shore. A clever, luminescent, helpless person. Someone you could become besotted with, dying to own as only yours. Your life passion. If a man's personality craves a life changing, glowing figure .. i am his answer. I am emotional, dizzy, and yet alert. And very entertaining. There is never a dull moment around me. I bring people out of themselves and always seek connection and deep intensity. I have no shame in my elaborate confidence. I also like to take my time to give love slowly in really colourful stages. If i see a "yes" person that relationship has the potential to be through the roof. I'm a complete joker... and yet a seriously dangerous romantic. I really am such a goof of a girl. I have my talents, but i do not put much stake in them just now. God is telling me to be humble and be nothing.

I really am nothing, and floating miraculously on Gods protection. He wont let me boast in any ambitions or qualifications or skills or backgrounds or hobbies. I'm dead to myself which feels like a tragedy. He's taken my life and totally torn it apart and replaced it with His. It's been hugely frustrating. I lost everything i thought that belonged to me, that belongs to this world. But He's showing me off now in His heavens.. so.. give to Caesar what is Caesar's.. and to the Lord what is HIS! He's taken everything away from me but my ability to rely on Him for every single breath. He Has proved Himself to be a God among gods and my strong King, boasting to weak satan through me in my poor state. He is everything, (Alpha and Omega) in me, jealously keeping me alive in a miracle through His word and living blood. He is so jealous for me. This i learned.

I'm hugely attracted to: healthy living, energetic mad humour, witty challenging guys, intelligence, self control, emotion.

I have a scarring (at least for me) story of how i came to have my 1 year old daughter. She is so beautiful. Even more than me. I am glad that i chose to give her life. But i still feel shaken.

Once again.. I'm traditionalist - I believe in serving men, and i am too reserved to make the first move. I also believe love seeks to give and not to get.. so i beseech only those who really feel that they are on my level to get reach out to me. I most likely wont have the confidence to find you. As a side note i don't like to see people who get in touch with me for no other reason than a selfish idolisation of a world that will only benefit them. They haven't even considered if they will be someone i desire. Silly men! *slaps back of hands!*
First Date
What you do isn't half as important as who you do it with. I'm a funlover. Over serious people BORE me. WHERES THE LIFE IN YOU ALREADY?!! I declare toadily outrageous shenanigans!!

I'd like a date in which i'd be able to laugh and laugh and laugh till my sides split. Or maybe even one that allows me to stare into your eyes long enough for us to talk without even having to open our mouths.
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