I want built a family Christian with a woman and married also.

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who am : I'm a servant of God single never married, I'm not yet in a relationship seriously with a woman physical while 38 years I stay always single after I give my entire life with God. I'm engaged in the Ministry for God and work harder for him, Evangelized, preaching the Gospel of Christ and win of souls for him in the world. And show the people how God loves them he wants to save them of hell eternal fire.and turned back to God.

My own lifestyle is founded on the word of God .
I treat my body harder as the temple of Holy Spirits of God . i'm not drink alcohol and i'm not smoking and I have not tattoo on my body and I keep my body in the purity and in the holiness .

I'm a servant of God who live a holiness life with God everyday. I'm a romantic christian , honest , affectionate, wisdom,seriously ,sincere,understood.

I'm here : for meet " one women seriously who desired to started a conversation serious between us without lies and who desire to have a relationship seriously for built a family and married and have of children for worship God together, and going to church together and read the bible together and pray at home 🏠.

A long distance relationship between the two partners fears God, it is a relationship that is on the leading of the Holy Spirit of God, and both partners have a good knowledge concerning the word of God, there are also fasts of prayer between the two partners has long distance in order to have the probation of God, where the word of God to approves this relation between the two partners.

A Christian woman who fears God and who walks in holiness and purity of body and heart and who dressed in the modesty it's a woman who is a precious stone, she is a rarely pearl. She is a serious, honest woman whose life is pleasing in the eyes of God.

God's Pattern for Marriage

“Therefore a man shall leave his father and his mother, and leave to his wife, and they shall be one flesh” (Gen. 2:24).

Throughout Scripture, already from Genesis 2, we see that in marriage, the man and the woman leave their parents, and are joined together by God to establish a distinct family unit. It is a picture of the marriage of Christ and his Church, or Assembly, (his Bride) which He loves and for which He has given Himself. Speaking of marriage in Ephesians 5:32, Paul says, “This mystery is great; but I speak of Christ and the congregation." It is a wonderful love story: the love of Christ who gave all He had to acquire what He valued so much. His marriage will endure for eternity, and our marriages are a figure of it, although their duration does not exceed that of our lives in this world.

Our marriages should be filled with this love of Christ: it would give them holiness and the power of testimony in this world,—which Satan hates so much. He hates everything precious to Christ!

Marriage also provides that children are brought up in an environment of love and security. We see around us the problems that arise when children grow up without this security. There is instability, and this leads to the problems of society in general. Children should grow up in a family unit that is a shelter where they know that mom and dad love each other, and are not going to leave each other or them.

In this verse from Gen. 2:24, "man" is a mature person capable of making the positive decision to leave his parents, and to take on the responsibility that comes with the decision to lead a wife and family, and provide maintenance.

To "attach" indicates a lasting bond of affection: an abiding relationship of love. "Being one flesh" indicates unity of activity and purpose, and also physical relationship. Marriage is the God-given relationship for the display of our natural affections and our natural desires.

Marriage is until the Lord comes or death breaks the bond. Matthew 19:6 says, "Therefore what God has joined together, let no man separate."

Also in marriage, the individuals lose their separate identity, and the two become a new person: “The two will be one flesh; so they are no longer two, but one flesh” (Mark 10:8). If we take Christ as our model, we will give our love to our spouse, desiring only love in return (“Christ loved us and gave himself up for us”—see Ephesians 5:2, 25), and by doing this the love will grow. He loves us unconditionally, even when our love is chilled. In marriage, our love too should be unconditional, following the example of Christ.

The husband has the responsible role as head or leader, and the wife must be subject to him. This is God's command to which we must be prepared to submit if we desire His blessing: “Wives, be subject to your own husbands as to the Lord; because the husband is the head [or: head] of the wife” (Eph. 5:22, 23). It is not superiority or inferiority, but position according to the divine plan and order, which works for the blessing of husband and wife. If the roles are reversed, the way is open to pain and disorder. We must willingly submit to the Word of God rather than to the influences of the world. True love gives everyone their rightful place, and the relationship thrives within that framework. A loving husband will always give due consideration to his wife's thoughts and desires, and a faithful wife will honor the husband's responsibility to lead.

If you're planning on getting married, are you ready to share everything with your spouse? — share everything as one person with him: yourself, your time, your money, your interests, your visions, so that you will only do what you both happily agree on before the Lord.

"Being subject to one another in fear of Christ" (Eph. 5:21)


The engagement begins after you have chosen your future spouse. I insists that it is essential that this choice be made with certainty, according to the conviction of God. By definition, an engagement is a mutual promise of marriage. In other words, it is the commitment that a man and a woman make to get married. It is a declared reciprocal intention. It must be clear: the brother asked the sister to marry him, and she said yes.

Engagement is not marriage, but preparation for marriage. They should not be limited to a beautiful period of "life in pink", romantic and exciting. It is a serious time when the foundations of marriage are laid. Engagements are not to be taken lightly. If you do it wrong, it will reverberate in your future home.

The engagement is a time when the future spouses get to know each other better and love each other with a genuine love that many waters cannot extinguish, and that rivers cannot overwhelm (Song of Songs 8:7). Do not wait at the wedding to discover the character of the other, what he (she) likes or does not like, his priorities etc. Don't hide your flaws just because you want to get married. That would be building your relationship on a lie.

A relationship built by God is based on truth. If there are behaviors to correct, you have time to do it before the wedding. This is why it is imperative that engaged couples spend time in prayer: Pray that the Lord will enable you to assume your future responsibilities; pray for your future children and your relationships with your future beautiful families. To pray during the engagement is to smooth out the complex ground of marriage.

Engagements do not have a standard length. However, an engagement that is too short or too long presents dangers. When the engagement is too short, the engaged couple does not have enough time to get to know each other better and prepare to face marital challenges. The first year of marriage should be a honeymoon period, not a time for adaptations that can create frustrations, sometimes irrecoverable.

In addition, many commit to an engagement that is too long because they think they are not financially ready. The real reason is that they want grand weddings beyond their means. Marriage is supposed to be a big celebration, yes. But that doesn't mean you have to go broke just because you want to impress. The most important thing is to unite.

The longer the engagement lasts, the more the desire to have sex is activated. This is how many fall. Marriage is a holy union, entering it defiled has consequences. There are problems that some couples experience that are related to the fact that they knew each other sexually before getting married. Sincere repentance is necessary in order to break this bond.

As engaged couples, you will have to put safeguards on yourselves so as not to fall into fornication: avoid advanced kisses and caresses which stimulate sexual instincts; avoid being alone in places such as bedrooms and isolated places.

God is the master of times and circumstances, it is he who should fix the duration of your engagement. “He does everything good in his time; (Ecclesiastes 3:11).

“Two people cannot be engaged if they have not promised to marry each other.”

I pray that God watches over your partner in the mighty name of Jesus! May God provide you with the necessary means to achieve your marriage in the mighty name of Jesus! Let every idea of ​​separation be null and void in the mighty name of Jesus! May the Holy Spirit shield your relationship in the mighty name of Jesus!
Brother Pierre servant of God.
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for the first day a restaurants for eating and talks .
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