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Whoever finds a wife finds a treasure and ontains favor from Adonai 🙏

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My number one interest is YHWH/God's Mission over my life. Beyond that, my only concern is being a good man to all of those around me. I do have earthly passions and interests, but I would rather share them with you over a nice conversation 😊
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Good morning, evening, afternoon, and/or night.. wherever you may be 😊

My name is Jeremy.  First, and above all, the most important thing in my life is fulfilling Yeshua's Great Commission (Matityahu/Matthew 28:19, Marqos/Mark 16:15, Luqa/Luke 24:47, Yohanan/John 20:21, The Acts 1:8) and helping my Jewish brothers and sisters from all over the world make it home in the spirit of Yesha'ayahu/Isaiah 49:22.  As I fulfill my mission for YHWH/Father, Yeshua/Son, and Ruach Ha'Kodesh/Holy Spirit I plan to become refered to as Yirme Ha'Goy/Jeremy The Gentile in the same way that Shimon/Simon became Peter/Kepha.  Yirme Ha'Goy is meant as a symbolic pseudonym derived from the fact that I plan to travel to all of the Goyim/Gentiles/Nations and distribute either 1,000,000 copies of the Orthodox Tewahedo Bible to each nation or enough bibles to supply at least 50% of a country's population depending on the nation's size.  The name is also a symbolic reference to Yesha'ayahu/Isaiah 49:22.  I take this mission very seriously and have planned it through thoroughly.  I'd love to share my plans and fulfill this mission with the right woman ❤️

The second most important thing in my life is for me to be the best husband that I can to my future wife.  I wish to provide to her the love, appreciation, valuing, emotional support, strength, financial stability, comfort, and peace that a great Mishlei/Proverbs 31 woman deserves.  I feel that the only way she can be what our future family deserves is with Christ and if I also fulfill my biblical duties to her consistently.  In that way together, we can not only be a light to one another, but a light to both of our extended families and to the world alike.  Selah 🙌

I am a college educated man with two degrees, and I want more.  I am also a man who owns/operates multiple businesses, and just like my degrees, I want more.  With YHWH as number one, I love entrepreneurship almost as much as I love learning.  I believe in honor and integrity.  My purpose comes from Adonai.  With him guiding me, I am not one who beats the air (1 Corin 9:24-27).  I am not perfect, as none of us are, and I am aware of my faults.. which is why I have taken steps to ensure that none of them will interfere with me loving my woman and being the man that she deserves.  Those steps include recognizing my faults, holding myself accountable for them, and ultimately correcting them through changed behavior.

I also realize that we are all human fighting our own battles, which is why I strive to practice kindness and compassion to every soul that I encounter.  I understand that my future wife, though a gift from God, is just as human as I am.. and through the continual practice of showing love and kindness to others, I will be prepared to show her a loving kindness and compassionate patience in all things once I find her.  I can't stress how much a gift such a woman is, and she deserves for me to prepare myself for her. (Mishlei/Proverbs 18:22)

I enjoy life's simple pleasures: the little things that money cannot buy.  I enjoy looking at nature and the wonders of the universe and saying to the Father, "How marvelous is your hand" (Tehillim/Psalms 8:4).  I love exploring what the entire world that YHWH created has to offer.  I do like and prefer nice things.  I have a passion for collecting items of rarity, amongst other things, but I also practice to be non-covetous.  I have a love for animals. Though I'm not the best in the kitchen, I know how to cook well enough to feed myself, and I can definitely barbecue.. so I can contribute something in that department lol.  I also enjoy helping others, as some of the businesses that I operate are nonprofits.  There are a lot of social programs that I would like to bring to the world including education, job training, paths to citizenship, renewable energy, healthcare, and many more.

I am seeking my wife, but I am wise enough to know that she does not exist in every woman that I encounter.  Some people are just better as friends 🤷‍♂️. For the woman who is her though, I believe Adonai has heard my petition and will guide me to a woman who loves The LORD more than she will ever love me, a woman who will love our children more than she will ever love me, who after serving The LORD and our family will not neglect loving me, who wants more out of life than the average person, who is nurturing, caring, soft, and feels like "home".  I want a bringer of peace, life, joy, and deep conversations.  A house is not a home without the breath of a good woman.  She does not have to be college educated, but I need for my woman to be emotionally intelligent.  I want a real connection.  I want to write poetry, give her gifts of the heart, and to uplift her without shame or hesitation.  I want my soul to rejoice in her and my spirit to weep at the thought of losing her.  I don't give this energy to everyone, but if you are her, I give my word that I will not fail one day at it.  I'd like to take things slow even though my greatest earthly regret in this life is that I didn't find you sooner, so we could've spent as much time together as possible.  Selah 🙏
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Let's try something different: How about we spend a day together instead of a couple of hours? If you're open to it, I'm thinking that we can plan something magical ✨️
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