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I am a Primitive Calvinist Baptist Christian and I follow strictly the Bible , not what most nowadays phony Christians are doing .
I am a volunteer web pastor . Preaching the Truth is my life .
Mark 10:11-12 . The Pharisees approached Jesus and started questioning Him .
Pharisees - Is it lawful unto a man to divorce his wife ?
Jesus - What did Moses tell you ?
Pharisees - Moses told us that a man gives to his wife a letter of divorcement and puts her away !
Jesus - Because of the wickedness of your hearts he gave you this law , but from the beginning it was not this way . A man departs from his parents and joins his wife . They are no longer two , but one flesh . Therefore , no one shell put them away .
At home the disciples asked Jesus the same question .
Jesus - If a man departs from his wife and marry another woman , he commits adultery . If a woman leaves her husband and takes another man , she commits adultery . If a man takes a divorced woman , he is an adulterer . Same is a woman for a divorced man .
Matthew 19:8 . Espousal was Jewish custom . Read the story of Mary and Joseph in Matthew 2 .
Fornication is not applied into people who are married . it is app;ied unto singes who commit lust outside the wedlock . Adultery is applied for lust sins among the married .
Hebrews 13 : 4 . God will judge all unrepentant adulterers , whoremongers , sodomites .
1 Corinthians 6:9-10 . Do not be deluded my brethren . Liars , idolaters , drunks , ADULTERERS , fornicators, sodomites , revelers , murderers , thieves , and all unrepentant proud sinners will not go to Heaven .
Therefore , if you want to be true elect Christian and you are a divorcee , so endure celibacy . Yes , celibacy , if you don't want to end up in Hell for adultery .

Regarding Living Faith .
Romans 9 : 1-13 . The every human soul's fate is predestined by God , not by human soul . Freewill Gospel ( God loves everybody ) is nothing , but dangerous lie of Satan . Learn to read John 3:16-21 without stopping at verse 16 . Also , remember Jesus Christ's warning for the lukewarm Christians in Matthew 7:15-21 .
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The one who will support my Christian views .
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