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* As an introvert, I am quiet and serious most of the time. Truth, order, doing a good job, and helping with "stuff" to those who are in need, are important to me. It would be special to share my life with a woman who can appreciate that. I couldn't care less about video games or organized sports. Some activities that I may enjoy doing are: gardening, landscape modifications, custom constructions, swimming, kayaking, tide dependent beach combing/exploring on the Bay of Fundy, Shubenacadie tidal bore rafting, and mud themed obstacle course races.

There is a difference between a true believer and one who may look like one in many ways. It is important to know how to discern the difference. Those who have put their faith in Jesus Christ don't really "fit in" with the "broad road" crowd.

I am not part of a local church at present. Fellowship isn't being a passive spectator among strangers. I do not believe the institutional church setup is biblical. (1 Corinthians 11:2 and 2 Thessalonians 2:15) That being said: I would probably agree with an independent Baptist on doctrine. I desire to someday be part of a church fellowship that is willing to follow the pattern of the new testament church, not blindly following the changes made by the early church fathers. That is the direction that I desire to be heading. Been going to a Mennonite Church the last few months, primarily for the fellowship after.

* I am looking for: Life-long, holy matrimony to a chaste virgin (or widow) lady who is living in an honourable manner. A "Keeper of the Home" type who's feminine clothing speaks of "modest exclusivity" in public. She must reject the ungodly music and movies. She must have come to the point of repentance, and is now looking forward to the "Blessed Appearing of the Saviour". She must have the utmost reinforced seriousness behind her marriage vows, and her chosen closest friends must abhor her ending up divorced.

I am close to the extreme introvert end of the introvert/extrovert ratio scale, so any wife would need to be introverted enough to enjoy doing the same things together.

I was not intending to look internationally. I will not reply to winks. If you would value some interaction, ask me a specific intelligent question.
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