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Updated: Saturday 23 February 2024 - Rob Essay Profile


Welcome to my Profile!

• I ask that you please read my profile completely, before winking, adding to favorites, or messaging. It is important that you read all of the information contained here. Thank you for your time!


• Primarily Interested in women who are currently living in the US, who are either US Citizens or US Permanent Residents.


• Possible Exception: Might be open to foreign women who are able to travel easily to the US by Visa Waiver Program or with US Tourist Visa or other type Visa, such as a Work Visa.

• Please understand that this exception would be strictly on a very select individual case by case basis! Therefore, this exception would not apply to all foreign women.

• I am NOT opposed to the potential of having a FOREIGN BORN Life Mate and wife, as long as there is a real possibility that she and I could potentially be together physically in person in a relatively short period of time.


Looking for friendship first!

• Interested in meeting single women with the hope of creating a real friendship before pursuing a romance relationship!

• It is very important for me to truly get to know a woman, and build a real friendship with her.

• By taking the opportunity and time to build such a friendship is a good way to lay a solid foundation for the potential for anything more to come.

• Having first laid such a strong foundation is very important, especially in order to have a strong potential marriage which will last!

• Open to women of various ethnic, and ancestral backgrounds, as long as they are born again believers who are God fearing and Christ following!

• Her skin color could be anywhere from Lily White to Cocoa Brown and any skin tone or shade in-between!

• The main thing is to find a woman with whom she and I are compatible, as well as share a mutual physical attraction, and romantic chemistry!

• It is very important for me to truly get to know a woman, and build a real friendship with her. By taking the opportunity and time to build such a friendship is a good way to lay a solid foundation for the potential for anything more to come. Having that strong foundation is very important in order to build a marriage which will last!

• Not into catfishing, baiting, mind games, pretense, or any of the such.

• I am a real, honest, loving, caring man who is kind, understanding, and patient.

• The main thing is to find a woman whom she and I are compatible with, as well as share a mutual physical attraction, and romantic chemistry!


• Looking for a single female to build a real long term friendship and companionship.

• A born again believer, who is God fearing and Christ Following. (Christian)

• It is very important that a potential Life Mate for me have a personal relationship with God.

• Must be completely single including:

-Single never married

-Single - Annulled

-Single - Divorced

-Single - Widowed.

• Please NO women who are SEPARATED! Separated individuals are still married, and therefore are NOT single!

• Age Range: 33 - 52 years old.

• Regardless of her age, maturity is expected!

• She should be somewhat on the conservative side.

• Seeking honesty, truth, sincerity, respect, faithfulness, kindness, care, and true love among other things.

• She must be serious, sincere, open, honest, truthful, faithful, respectful, kind, caring, practical, resourceful, humble, able to truly love, and strive to be her very best!

• She should be a compatible match with me, as well as have some contrast in order to have a good relationship.

• She should be willing to invest, in and share her time in building a real friendship together, which will hopefully lay a strong foundation for a potential committed relationship in the near future, and a potential marriage relationship!

• Hopefully in finding such a woman, and cultivating a friendship with her, then she and I will be able to lay a strong foundation of friendship upon which together we build a lifetime committed relationship.


• She should NOT be a party girl or bar girl type of woman (past or present).

• Non - Smoker (includes no vaping)

• Non - Drinker

• No Tattoos (Preferred), although a very minimum amount of tattoos might be acceptable. Not into tattoos on hands, neck, face, or sleeves.

• No Body Piercings (traditional earring piercings are acceptable)

• Dog Person (Preferred)

• NOT into Cats, Birds, Snakes, Lizards, Other Reptiles, or exotic pets.


• If I message you, then this means that I am potentially interested in you, and would like to know more about you. Therefore, you can choose to message me back or if not interested then tell me so, or you could just block me!



• I am a born again believer who is God fearing and Christ following (Christian).

• My personal relationship with God began at the age of 8 years old when I realized my need to confess and repent of my sins. Over the years my journey has had ups and downs, but God was always there with me and He protected me and led me back on the path with Him.

• Without God and His Love, Mercy, and Grace, I would not still be alive and standing! Praise God for all of His blessings, interventions, and care! AMEN 🙏

• I am a single Caucasian man age 59.

• 5'-9" Tall (without shoes)

• Thick Heavy Set Build (carry the bulk of my weight in my torso)

• Brown eyes

• Dark brown hair with gray in the temples, and bald on top.

• Early Retirement from work since October 2016 (Due to Health)

• Honest and Sincere

• Faithful and True

• Caring and Kind

• Creative and Humorous

• Intelligent and a Thinker

• Resourceful and Practical

• Life Long Learner

• Homebody

• Introverted, but can be quite Talkative at times, although might be quiet and keep to myself at other times.

• No Tattoos

• No Piercings

• Dog Person

• NOT into Cats, Birds, Snakes, Lizards, Other Reptiles, or exotic pets.

• Omnivore (Meats, Fish, Vegetables, Fruits, Grains, Pasta, Mushrooms, Nuts & such)

• Father of four sons from my first marriage, and all four of my sons are in their early and mid 20s.

• I have been married and divorced twice.

• First marriage ended in separation for 22 months after being married for 10 years,and that divorce was finalized October 17, 2008.

• Second marriage ended in separation for two months after being married only one and half years, and that divorce was finalized on November 12, 2013.

• I have remained single since my last divorce.

• I am a thick Heavy Set body type. I carry the bulk of my weight in my torso region, mainly in my abdomen and some in my chest.

• I have been trying to reduce my weight for the purpose of improving my health in order to alleviate or eliminate some health issues.

• It would be nice to have a woman who is willing to join me in my weight loss journey and encourage me.

• Being alone and on my own is not so easy. Although I try to be keep positive while being content and happy.

• I do want to share my life with a woman that wants to have a healthy and enjoyable lifestyle. Interested in being by my side?


• I am currently unable to relocate from my area.

• I am NOT willing to EVER relocate outside of the US.

• Let us chat on this site for a while until we get to know each other. After getting to know each other, then we can move off site to chat, talk, and do live video calls.

• If you have reasonable questions, then please ask, and I will answer.

• Please be willing and ready to answer my questions, if you are interested in building a friendship or a potential relationship with me.

• If you are interested in me, then please message me.

• Thank you for visiting here. Hope you are the woman I am looking for as my Life Partner, and potential wife!

First Date
There will be a mutual decision when such a time for a first date would arrive.

Meeting online should entail the exchange of messages on a regular basis along with chat here as well. After a brief time of such chatting be prepared for a audio and video call. A video call will help both of us to verify to each other that we are who we say we are beyond our profile and pics.

A first date in person should be a meet and greet in a public place.
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