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Hi. I am Greg. My user name Perechoresis is a theological term pertaining to the eternal fellowship and inter-indwelling of the Trinity:the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

I believe Jesus the Son Of God took on human flesh, took all of mankind into Himself, carried us in Himself through death, burial, resurrection and ascension, objectively ending the old creation and ushering in the new creation. We appropriate the benefits of His finished work by grace through faith.

The love and grace of the Father, Son and Spirit are extended to all humankind. God is not mad, He loves and adores you, and wants you to know Him in a deep and intimate way.

A beautiful quote from Bible teacher, Malcolm Smith: " The Gospel is the announcement that God has provided this Man in a way that no one could dream of in one's wildest imagination. Before time, everlasting love and infinite wisdom produced the plan. God the Father in His great love for us determined to send His Son who, without ceasing to be God, would take to Himself our humanity and become flesh. The Son in love for us agreed to come and as a true human live out our human life, face our hardships and temptations, and finally offer Himself to die as and for us. He would rise from the dead, having put away sin and achieved the reconciling of the world to God, and bring about the New Covenant. The Holy Spirit agreed to come and make the covenant a reality in the lives of those who believe."

We are not under the law but under GRACE! I am looking mainly for a partner who has an understanding of the New Covenant instituted by the Finished Work of Christ.I have seen AND experienced the damage done by legalism and dead religion. Understanding the unconditional love and inexhaustible grace of God in Christ is vitally important for an authentic Christian life.

When Jesus cried out on the cross "IT IS FINISHED!", He meant exactly that. The debt of sin is paid and the devil is defeated...

Honestly, there are those on here who boast in their religious works and activities, and others who walk around with their heads hung low in condemnation....

God has accepted ALL in the finished work of Christ. He is neither impressed with your successes nor appalled by your failures. He loves you unconditionally, because it is His nature to do so. Love is Who He is. Stop bragging. Stop groveling. Receive His love and grace as the FREE GIFT that it truly is! :yay:

Learn to accept and embrace your broken humanity. The clay jars with the most cracks shine forth the most Light! :dancingp:

There is nowhere you can go to escape His love. There is nothing you can do to turn His heart against you. He planned you from eternity past and knows you. He wants you to know HIM!

I am a loving, caring, compassionate, and intimate man. I give all in a relationship. If I love you, I am not afraid to express it openly. You will have absolutely no doubt that my attention is on you :hearts:

A word about relationships. I have found, through my relationships and observing the relationships of others, there is no exact science. We many times pre-determine how the person of our dreams should be, creating a list of specifications and expectations that people cannot live up to. The truth is that people are complex and cannot meet up to imaginary standards.

While there are important considerations, ultimately love and grace, provided by the Spirit is the key ingredient to walking in harmony. The must/must nots of a list set us up for failure and disappointments every time. I have learned this the hard way and have the inner scars to prove it. Rest in the Lord, get to know people, love, forgive and edify. You will not be sorry :applause:

I believe that lovers should always be best friends...ALWAYS! This is absolutely vital. There should always be trust, loyalty, deep companionship. All humans have broken-ness to some degree. Your lover should always be the one who is safe to share the depths of your soul with, and one to love and nurture you back to health.

I am politically a Constitutionalist/ libertarian. I believe the less government the better for everyone.

While I desire an intimate, life-long relationship with the woman of my dreams, I am hoping to establish meaningful friendships along the way.

I am a very good kisser, give awesome therapeutic massages, and know how to make you smile. I am romantic and playful. I give foot and neck rubs, play with your hair, tenderly kiss the back of your neck, whisper words that only you you deserve to hear...and satisfy and fulfill your desire.

I enjoy cookouts, yard sales, flea markets, music, good conversation, pretty much anything in nature, and healing laughter. I am for the complete well-being of the woman in my life, and I am very attentive.

If you would like to explore the possibility of joining me on a journey of love and spiritual discovery...let's talk.

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The Blessings of the Lord be with you....
First Date
A first date would probably entail dinner, a walk on either the beach, along a riverside, or in a park, good conversation, laughter, and definitely deep conversation about the love and grace of God in Christ. I am fun and you will enjoy knowing me.
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