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Loving/Worshiping God, serving others, walking, biking, hiking, camping, photography, writing, listening to music (Christian, Classical, and others...), singing - would like to explore writing lyrics (already enjoy writing poetry).
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Looking for a girl (lady), who understands good from evil (not as clear, as many assume/Isaiah 5:20-21, Rom 10, Heb 5:14...being deceived is called a deception for a reason. IF a soul is Spiritually dead and blind (which we are all born into/like... ONLY when we are born again are we given a new heart and our eyes are opened), no matter how much we say we love God, IF Christ isn't living Himself literally through us/our soul/body/temple, personality, gifts and talents, we aren't His/1John 2:4, John 3:5-9 must happen)...btw, I'm not ashamed to say I have a child like faith, truth is without one, none of us will enter the Kingdom of God (Matt 18:3), amen...sad truth, most professing Christians are too learned for their own good. Scripture is clear, many study and study and study, and NEVER come to the Truth/2Tim 3:7 (Christ in us Our ONLY hope of Glory, Amen...).

...and she understands that we - as believers - are NOT of this world (John 17:14-16, 2Tim 2:1-6, James 4:4, 1Peter 2::11-12, 1John 2:15-17, 1John 4:4-5)

...and she has a clear understanding that there is no good in us/our flesh, apart from Christ (John 7:7, John 15, Rom 3:10-18, Rom 7:14-25, Rom 8, Gal 2:19-20)...am I trying to be negative with all of this talk about us not being good/nothing within us (our flesh - the bad, and what we consider good/moral) to give/offer to God? Well, it is a Bad News, Good News Story. The bad news (which I really don't consider bad news because if we are honest, it is the obvious truth) is we are completely evil, and ALL that means is, we are not God. No reason to be offended by that, if we have a humble heart. The Good News/The Gospel is God doesn't leave us in this desperate/hopeless condition (like I shared earlier, He created us Spiritually dead and blind; hopefully, we understand why. It is for His Glory because by dying on the Cross, and resurrecting on the third day - and us believing in/trusting in His death on the Cross (as payment for our sin debt we can not pay), and as a result restoring our relationship with Him through His Resurrection, we can be ONE with Him, and all believers. But the key to all of this is man/us realizing it is ALL HIM/God (apart from Him we can do nothing). If we refuse to agree with that, and as a result live in our own strength (not by faith, which is sinning 24/7 no matter how good we make think we are, others think of us, or how many seemingly good works we do/Rom 14:23), God is unable to live in & through us 24/7, His life, which is desire/perfect Will. This should be - and is - the desire/goal of every true believer (John 3:30, Gal 2:19-20). So in conclusion, on this point, until we agree with the Truth & cooperate with His will to crucify all we are apart from Him (our flesh), we will not be living a life of faith, which is the only way to please Him (Heb 11). Hope that all makes sense. It is simple, but our carnal minds always think we have to do something, but we don't! The only thing we are to do is Abide in Him (John 15 & rest from our works (Heb 4:10) then ALL we read, and that we desire for, will be lived by Him through us, NOT us living for Him (powerless idolatry). Because our flesh dies hard/wants to live, we have to be reminded of this Truth constantly, that is why I am typing all of this....2Tim 3:16...

...and she understands what the Gospel is (the Holy God NOT of this world, coming to live in us (Ez 36, Heb 8), granting us repentance (a new heart/our carnal fleshly mind to the Mind of Christ/Rom 12:1-2, 2Cor 5:17)...so, He can live Himself/Holiness through us...this is living the Gospel/the ABUNDANT life of godly repentance, amen...

...and she desires - with her husband - to evangelize the world/that He allows us to walk in (her gifts/talents & my gifts/talents - combined - to glorify God with good deeds, and edifying His Body/the Church).

We, by faith, will live lives of living/proclaiming the Gospel (Good News - Caveat: the True Gospel is NOT good news to those who love this world (2Tim 2, 3 & 4, 1John 2 & 4) - there are many false gospels out there, btw - 2Cor 11:4), and to those who receive the love of the Truth, creating Community (continuing His Church) city by city/worshipping God in Spirit and in Truth; making disciples & enjoying fellowship, as we learn and grow in who we are in Him, and each member's Spiritual gifts (Rom 12, 1Co12) and talents, glorifying God (why we were created) and being a blessing to one another (our neighbor) in Spiritual and practical ways...

And, YES, I am very serious/sober minded about the things of God (only reason created) - and focused - but I, by faith, have a lot of fun doing His Will (it doesn't get any better than being known by Him, and knowing Him/gaining wisdom (Prov 1, John 6:45, John 14:26, 1Cor 1, 2 & 3...and I look forward to the lady Our Lord has for me to join me in the ABUNDANT life of evangelism to the world, that He provides for us to walk in...)...with much persecution, of course...but with the right perspective (the Truth), it is all fun/joyful...the true Kingdom life is the ABUNDANT life, but it has NOTHING to do with loving the the things of this world, aka idolatry...

*And, btw, IF you believe Jesus died because you are sooo wonderful/vital (it is true, Christ in us/we are made a New Creation/is Wonderful and vital, but NOTHING in our flesh is/John 6:63)...it is true, we are GREATLY VALUED, BUT not good...big difference...and IF you are inspired by His death on the Cross, to live your best life now, I am not your man (Matt 10:39, John 7:7, Matt 7:11).You have believed a false gospel (2Cor 11:4, 2Thess 2:9-11, 1John 2 & 4)...this has been, and is easy to do these days - IF possible, even the elect will be deceived/Matt 24:24)...I encourage you to truly repent...*IF our hearts are right, evidenced by our willingness to receive the love of the Truth that He is Holy & Good and we are not/apart from Him we can do nothing (Matt 6:18-15). The Lord's Prayer says it all, His Will be done on earth, as it is in Heaven, where there is no sin or flesh (John 15), He will grant us repentance, amen. John 1:10-13, John 3:5-8 and Rom 10 reveal how we are born again, no mention of asking Jesus into one's heart Furthermore, the Sinners Prayer is a lie/deception & cruel because many have false security they are born again.

Lastly, I apologize - humanely/earthly speaking - IF my profile is a little too much (it wasn't planned...was I hoping to keep my profile simple, but the Spirit moved, and I believe it is good; I am an evangelist, at heart (I wish for no one to perish). The One the Lord has for me, will appreciate. She may - or may not - come from this site - perhaps, this site is just a ministry field...time will tell...); however, I don't, by faith, apologize, because I believe - and encourage you to do the same - to believe and live ALL that He has Commanded, Man shall not live by bread alone, BUT by every Word that comes from the mouth of God (Matt 4:4 & 1Peter 4:11). The fact most don't, is the very reason the Church is sooo powerless, and so are most professing Christians because we don't believe to the point of doing what He says (Abiding in Him /John 15, and ceasing from our works, entering His Sabbath Rest (Heb 4:10). No, this/the narrow road is not easy; truth is it is impossible for us/man to live for God. He disciplined me harshly like a Good Father concerning this, and I thank Him for it (Psalm 119:65-72). I'm here to testify once we cooperate and receive the love of the Truth (Only He can obey His Commandments & obey His Word through us, the Christian life is almost effortless (burden light, yoke easy/Matt 11:25-30)...and when we allow the Father to crucify our flesh (ALL we are apart from Him, like He did His Son, who is our example/leader), He will live through us, the promised Abundant life, amen. Message me, IF you want to discuss more...
First Date
God will lead...personally, just meeting, and listening/talking, enjoying each other's company, as we learn more about each other to see if we have common ground/on the same page/Vision (worshipping God in Spirit and in Truth). I like the beach, lakes, mountains, so we meet some where, as God leads...get a bite to eat...walk or bicycle, and talk/listen...glorifying God in all we do....
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