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Christian Rock Music
Posted : 13 Apr, 2019 06:23 PM

I am lead guitarist and singer and I write, compose and record my own Christian Rock music. Why? Well I used to play worldly rock music in clubs and bars ever since I was 18. I did not want to drink or smoke or the other bad stuff people do there but I wanted to make music tho. However when the Holy Spirit came into my life and start leading me to Christ and salvation etc. the Holy Ghost gave me a gift of discernment. I started to see and hear and realize that all my rock heroes we're demonically influenced and realized by playing their music that could allow those spirits on me!! So I got saved and born again and wanted oy to make music for Jesus. However most Christian music I heard was powerless. I wanted to make powerful, upbeat and amazing music like I heard my fav bands make but be influenced by Holy Ghost. I was influenced by some of the music I heard the old Pentecostals play and it reminded me of 50s Rock n Roll so I thought- why not?? And I wanted music that went beyond the church and was for sinners to bring them to Christ. Sinners don't know and don't want to hear church music. They want to hear something that's catches their attention. So my brothers and sisters what do you say?