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I would appreciate a 'traditional heterosexual FEMALE' friend.
( I must be specific in this perverse-world of 31(?) Liberal gender-bender classifications)
I'm easy-going, and easy to please -- assuming compatible personalities.

- - - - - ABOUT THE LADY (A wish-list, not 'deal breakers') - - - - -
Any age & interests; having curiosity about life-things.
Prefer Bible literate & spirit-filled vs pew-warmer religiosity. (Bible is the First Law of the Land)
Hopefully owns a copy of US Constitution (& literate). (Second Law of the Land - Bible being the First)
Enjoys free-flowing conversation on variety of subjects.
Open, broad-minded, honest, sincere.
Open to new perspectives on settled 'assumptions'; thinking 'outside the box' vs closed-perspectives.
Reasonably informed on current events is desired, but not essential.
(I'm interested in you as a person, your interests & perspectives, inc family & friends, your environment, matters that concern or worry you; but not your learned prejudices please.)
Holds allegiance to our Constitutional Republic, an advocate for Rule of Law, nat'l unity & well-being, traditional American Christian family values & culture, advocate for godly school systems, abolition of our current subversive Commie-central-control Dept of Ed/foreign-ideology indoctrination (tax funded). Nationalism, not global-Communism; pledge of allegiance & prayer; English only for nat'l unity.

- - - - - - ABOUT ME - - - - - -

* Gentle-nature, friendly, soft-spoken, somewhat talkative, definitely appreciates witty humor; I'm a logical-thinker, analytical.
* Initially quiet and cautious until I understanding 'who you are as a person' (to avoid offense & miscommunication).
* Like small pets & small children.
* Never smoked, never did illicit drugs, do not drink; no contagious diseases (humor; I like satire).
* No emotional-baggage, healed, free of the painful past.
* Relatively intelligent, with fairly broad-base knowledge (except cooking & natural remedies [God-provided medicines]), reasonably well informed on things that matter in the real-world.
* Honest, open & uninhibited [perhaps to a fault], after establishing a certain level of trust. And confess to being opinionated
* I am who I say I am (no deceit); an honorable person of good character & integrity.
* An uncomplicated person with simple needs & tastes, yet a deep-thinker; sensitive, sympathetic, spiritual-discernment.
* USAF retired. Primary flight-crew, plus aircraft operations & maintenance experience.
* Also former federal & state gov, plus private enterprise employment (thus I have perspective).
* Bible text literate and I have a 'relationship' in-Jesus Christ;
...Independent, adhere to biblical-text only, not an illiterate-follower of church-specific political-doctrine, nor preacher personality-cults. ..Respectfully.
* Technical hobby interests, including Ham Radio operation, maintenance, modifications & repairs, building antennas, Short-Wave-Listening for news; auto-mechanics Mr. fix-it, computers, all forms of aviation, Civil Air Patrol, writing, instructing, politics, government, business, theology, other stuff. Interested in learning to properly hand-stitch sew for repairs/alterations (I'm amazed at numbers of women who can't sew anything, nor cook a meal from scratch so-to-speak). BTY I'm not into sports :( And, I hate idolatrous 'professional millionaire-sports'.
* Enjoy good-quality videos w/plausible plots (inc. action/adventure, intrigue, comedy, even 'plausible' SyFy & the occasional feel-good 'chick-flick') employing professional-quality technical-advisers to 'keep it real' (but I hate gratuitous violence & graphic sex non-essential to the plot [ie, soft porn]). I hate depiction of violence against women, children and animals. It should be absolutely prohibited in polite society. I hate promotion of ungodly sexual perversions in guise of 'entertainment'.
* I miss old-fashioned radio: Sadly radio's Standard Broadcast Service is a tragic waste of radio-spectrum (devoid of 'quality' entertainment, factual news w/o political-spin, & devoid of useful information [only Orwellian propaganda-spin today]). Remember classic radio drama, big band sounds, radio-mysteries, wonderful professional story-telling (a lost art) [perhaps you saw these in old b/w movies]?

NOTE: Regrettably, I've experienced avoidable miscommunication due to differences in our childhood-cultural backgrounds, life-experiences, our unique jargon/slang, & applying differing cultural-interpretation of common words and phrases [plus jargon unique to specific regions only]. If in doubt, please DO ask for clarification. Today the problem is a hundred times worst due to propaganda-perversion of the English language, where 'good is bad, bad is good, left is right, extreme is norm, radical is moderate,' etc.
Please know that I never intentionally insult or hurt someone's feelings. But misunderstandings happen.

May God bless & restore a repentant United States of America.
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