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Praising My King, Searching for Biblical truth, Camping, Hiking, Hunting, Fishing, Shooting, Archery, Playing Drums, Evangelising, Cycling, Staying Fit
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So sorry, but my age is wrong and I can't correct it. I'm actually 10 years older than my stated age, but no one believes me and think I'm 32-36. All my other info and pics are recent and correct. I hit the wrong button when writing this. My sincere appology.

I was married 12 years ago to a woman from another county. Shortly after bringing her and her daughter her to USA she divorced me. Not my choice and I tried to convince her to stay but that's not what she wanted.
If I do remarry, I will never allow divorce. It will be for the rest of my life so I am very choosy. I'm a man of my word.

My objective here is to find a woman who Loves Jesus with her whole heart and is very ministry-minded as I want my future partner to be able to minister to people among side me. That will love my son as her own child, and love me as well. I want a sweet, and compassionate woman who is sweet and abounding in love.

First and foremost, I'm looking for a woman of faith. I'm a Christian man, and that is highly important to me and in my future partner.
I want to find a woman who shares God's love and desires to share it with others.

I love the outdoors, and can't wait to find someone who shares my love of nature. Camping, hiking, hunting (both bow and gun), fishing, SCUBA (love warm water diving), kayaking, whale watching, etc. If it's outdoors, I'm there.

I'm also a classic car enthusiast. I've built many cars over the years, and managed a classic car resto shop when we lived in Australia.

I'm just an old fashioned guy looking for an old fashioned girl. I like a woman who prefers dresses and heels to jeans and sneakers.

I'm intelligent and very quick witted, tell corny jokes, believe that chivalry isn't dead, and still watch cartoons as often as I can (Phineas and Ferb ROCK!!!). I still believe that humans have the capacity for acts of great love and compassion.

I love people, which is why my dream is to become a doctor, or at least a nurse. I try to give back to society when I can. I once organized a 4 day homeless outreach that fed 1,200 people when the San Diego city council decided start closing the homeless shelters.
I'm currently the founder and executive director of a non profit organisation that provides support and fund raising assistance to many local, national and global charities. It's called American Bicycle Volunteer Support. You can find us on google, and facebook.

I believe that when you love someone, you love them with your whole heart... no reservations 100%. I both give and expect truth, loyalty, honesty, and respect. Not that 50%/50% nonsense. Why would you only want to give half of yourself to someone, and expect to have a happy relationship? Madness, I say. Pure madness... lol

I do set the bar very high, so put your best for forward. But you will be treated better than any man has ever treated you before. That's a fact.

I love to travel and have been to 12 countries on 4 continents including Mexico, Canada, Costa Rica, Jamaica, St Bart's, Cozumel, Germany, England, Czech Republic, Poland, and Ukraine. As a native San Diegan, I grew up next to the ocean. Now, I'm completely into the ocean. I love everything from SCUBA diving the Reef, to cycling across the USA. I've swam with sharks, giant sting rays, and giant turtles. I've seen some of the most amazing sunsets that the eye can behold or the mind imagine. I swim, upside down, laugh inappropriately, play with fire, run with scissors, step on cracks, walk under ladders, text while driving and eating my breakfast, and generally live this life I've been given as if everyday were my last (who knows when we die?).

I like smart women that love to laugh. I find intelligence very sexy in a woman. You don't have to have a Masters degree, just be aware of the world around you.

I'd like to meet a woman who is outspoken, yet tactful. With finesse, and grace. Honesty is great, but not if it spoken meanly. I don't like "Brutal Honesty". To me, it's just plain meanness in disguise.
Laughter is healing, sexy, fun, and wonderful. Isn't afraid to get dirty with me (sometimes I build cars), act goofy in public, and not care if anyone sees it.

I don't like drama, girls with way too many issues, alcoholics, drug users, women that are easily angered, or are high maintenance. I shouldn't have to post this type of disclaimer, but I've had my share of "interesting" experiences.

My interests include:
My bible
My Son
King Crab
Making new friends
Holding Hands
Building/fixing stuff
Health care
Medical Arts SciFi
Vanilla Shakes
Comedy Clubs
Direct Lighting

By the way, what kind of watch does Bigfoot wear?
A SASK-WATCH, of course! lol
First Date
I'm heavily into the outdoors. Camping, hunting, fishing, survival training, etc. I also love cycling, reading the Word, praying, fixing broken stuff, kayaking, boating,, and lots other stuff that one can do in the pnw. I love Jesus, and believe in the Great Commission. I'm not weird about it, but I do preach Jesus to anyone who will listen.
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