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I am a conservative Christian. Some would call me, “deplorable,” or a, “bitter-clinger,” or a, “dreg of society,” and other adjectives. In my opinion, for a Christian, those descriptions are badges of honor! I am very shy and introverted, sometimes painfully so, and rather socially awkrward till I get to know someone. I am anti-Political Correctness. I identify as a male, and only a male; I’m not fluid in my identity. I do believe that God loves everyone, regardless of… whatever… however, I also believe there are moral absolutes. There IS, “right,” and there IS, “wrong,” and, sadly, our society, and even some churches and church leaders, have blurred and are attempting to move that line. God doesn’t change and move the line, however, to suit our human wants and desires. I have a strong faith, and, after a long drought, have been attending Church [again] on a regular basis the last couple of years. I have traditional, old-fashioned, morals and values. I’ve had a heart attack and open-heart double-bypass surgery, and prostate cancer. I am proud of my zipper! I’ve taken a licking, but I plan to keep on ticking for quite a while; God ain’t finished with me yet!

Though I lack [monetary] wealth and riches, I’m wealthy and rich in certain things money can’t buy, for instance, [my] family, including extended family such as cousins and their families, and several close and very dear friends. I'm fortunate and blessed to still have both my parents, though age is taking its toll, and it's not easy sometimes to see that. I’m about half-way between redneck and Mr. GQ! – Maybe lean A BIT towards redneck? I don’t mind dressing-up for special occasions, though, and I do appreciate [a female] who likes to look nice and takes care of herself. That said, though, some people in my opinion are overly obsessed with their outer appearance. AND, with STUFF! Outer beauty fades; INNER beauty can GROW! STUFF wears out, and breaks, and loses its appeal.

My sense of humor is a little dry and quirky. Some would say it’s, “humorOUS,” while others would say it’s, “humorLESS!” For those in the second category, though, I have a [HUMERUS] bone to pick with you!

I’m a Penn State Alumni, and an alumnus of the Penn State Blue Band. I still play the tuba/sousaphone in a community band. I’m a big Penn State football fan, though not quite as “fanatic” as I had been in the past. Had season tickets for many years. Unfortunately I haven’t been to many games the past few years. I enjoy both the mountains and the beach. That said, I do need to be careful in the heat; I like bouncing around in the ocean and diving into the waves! I also enjoy riding my bicycle on rail trails. Or just walking. And since I’m not able to ride my bike as often as I’d like, I joined a gym. I've had motorcycles, and love to ride - don't have one now, though.

I like pretty-much all animals. I can even tolerate cats! I live in Amish Country, and work for, with, and around the Amish, and have a great admiration and respect for their culture. I also drive for them. I have gotten to have a LOVE for the horses! They are truly BEAUTIFUL and AMAZING creatures!

I consider my [still] being alive to be a miracle, and gift, from God. I’d like to share someone else’s miracle/gift! I APPRECIATE life, and would like to share that appreciation!

Six times now in the past three years I’ve driven groups of Amish youth to a week-long work camp in Mississippi. Among other things, we attend a Sunday morning service at a Black, Southern Baptist Church! During the week, the youth do projects for poor [mostly black] people. It is a most amazing and incredible experience; I am still learning about and seeing God's love in action at 61 years old! And also I see some of the real racism that still exists in the South; something I honestly hadn't known [still] existed till I saw it. Both subtle and outright blatant racism. And something that I found out was that, even some, “good, bible-believing [white] Christians,” will have a difficult time shaking hands with a black person, if they even would shake their hand. That saddens me.

In addition, I have taken groups to Indiana, Illinois, Ohio, Florida, and Washington, D.C. “My Group” of Amish is literally an extended family to me. There is a unique bond of admiration and friendship and trust. I can’t even begin to describe the love I have for “my [Amish] kids” and what they mean to me. I love them almost like my own kids.

I do want to add that I've had two failed marriages. If that's a show-stopper, I respect that. That said, I have felt rather, "judged" by a few. Years ago, I admit that would have raised a flag for me personally as well. Now that I've experienced it, though, I have a different perspective. In all honesty, it "bugs" me a little when I see divorce mentioned as a show-stopper in some profiles. (That said, again, though, I do respect that, and I'm not offended like a "snowflake!" ) Divorce is something that no one that hasn't been through it can understand. And those of us that HAVE been through it might not even completely understand it! Bottom-line, I believe God forgives, and still shows his grace and mercy to divorced persons. Especially since my heart attack and cancer, I always try to find the silver linings in the clouds. The silver lining in my second failed marriage was/is getting myself back to Church and more active in and concentrated on my faith journey. Also, to be blunt, though I always considered myself, “Christian,” God was never the head of either marriage. That is a mistake that would not happen again.

One clarification/technicality. I selected that I don't drink. That was specifically because several ladies require that in order to be contacted. At the risk of coming across the wrong way, regarding drinking, I can go either way. I'd be quite fine if I never had any more alcohol in my life. I'm quite alright, though, with having a drink or two when out with friends. What I DO believe IS, "WRONG," is drinking to get drunk, or with the intention of getting drunk. And, that said, I'm against the legalization of marijuana. I do not believe it doesn't have negative side effects like many claim. Regarding medical use... maybe there's some legitimacy there? However, I do believe that [too] many use that as an excuse.

Another clarification regarding smoking... I do not smoke or use tobacco in any form, EXCEPT, there may be one or two times a year when I'll smoke ONE cigar with, "the guys."

One more important point... Though I don't agree with everything President Trump says and does, if you support candidates from the Party that has murder as one of its most “sacred” tenants, and/or if you bow at the altar of the [FALSE] religion of man-made climate change, chances are we’d have, “irreconcilable differences.” I believe the Democrat Party is evil. And I'll leave it at that!

Thanks for reading my profile. If you’d like to know more, and you are female; were born [a] female, and have every intention of remaining [a] female, just let me know. Please, PLEASE, though, don’t be hurt and/or offended if you “wink” or message me and I don’t get back to you. (And I know from personal experience that's easier said than done!) Although I wouldn't mind just corresponding with someone, I'd prefer for anyone that I might possibly want to meet in-person in the future, (and, obviously, who would want to meet me in person, ) to be within a, "reasonable" distance.

Finally, I'll add my 2 cents about living in Amish country and being around them. It gives one an added sense of some of nature's scents, and that ain't no bull, though some of the scents might include bull chips and stuff from chickens that you wouldn't use to make chicken salad!
First Date
A walk/hike, or bicycle ride would be nice, followed by just sitting and talking, and possibly a meal.
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