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I am a widow with a toddler. I am a gainfully employed, full time student, and I am very excited for spring and the return of bible study at my church and my sophomore year of college. I am looking for a man to complement my weaknesses with his strengths and vice-versa. I desire someone that will be the spiritual head of the home, and help me to raise my daughter to be a godly woman. I am learning who I am in Christ and I desire someone that will support my faith journey.
When I graduate and complete my master's and internship I plan to open a faith based counseling center that will specialize in infertility. I feel this is my calling and the reason I have walked the road I have. Blessings!

Dearest future husband,
I am praying that you find this letter, read it, and hear my heart. I pray for you, that God is working in your life and your heart preparing you for me as I pray He is preparing me for you. I desire to be your partner, supporting you in all that you do just as I hope you will support me. We all have days when we are too tired to stand and I want to be the one you lean on.
I hope that as our love grows, you can look across a crowded room and know my heart; know when I'm overwhelmed and need to leave or when it is a rare time that I'm enjoying the crowd. I pray you understand that even though I love to socialize, it takes a great deal out of me and I'll need to be quiet and just be held for awhile afterward; I may need to be alone and sometimes I may cry for no real reason that I can explain, please know and understand that it doesn't reflect on you, but it's because you love me that I can.
I will need your help and your understanding to raise my daughter to be a Godly woman. She doesn't need you to take her father's place, but she is very young and will need guidance as she grows. I pray you will help me guide her. I pray that the way we interact and love one another will teach her what love is so she will know when she gongs it for herself.
I will need you to understand that her father's family is still a part of her life and, to a small extent, mine. I need you to accept them even if you don't like them, for my daughter, and for me. She is adopted and her biological family is still a part of her life; I hope you will love them as much as I do. Her biological mom nearly died giving her life; she is the strongest, kindest, and most genuine person I know. I hope you respect our bond and will be there when we explain my daughter's birth story to her in a few years.
I hope you're still reading and I pray that you find this letter, and me, soon. My heart is growing weary waiting, but I will wait until God brings you to me.
Love always,
Your future wife
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Talk over coffee or during a walk. Causal with no pressure
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