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Listening to music off the 70s & 80s (Disco,,r&b, soul), weekend dining out,exercising,landscaping,remodeling my home ,bbqing ,eating whole foods , family gatherings . Celebrating life!!!! ....does that count?
About Me
Hi ! It's good to be here on C.D.F.F hmm..... at my age it's good to be anywhere .My name is Hector I'm single never married and no children. I have came to a point in my life that i would like to settle down & marry a special christian lady.I enjoy exercising four times a week( not the Richard Simmon's style) l love going to church( not the fried chicken one ) and love the outdoor weather but not in June, July or Aug. (If you live in Houston you will know why) I enjoy family gatherings,bowling and barbecuing.Also I believe in keeping a home clean & in order, enjoy renting a great move especially with a 65 inch 4 k & surround sound system. (Im not going to be responsible if you lose your hearing & get a sun burn effect after watching my TV. .....,just joking) I do not believe in raising ones voice at anyone that's just not me at all never . I am also very humble,unselfish & very patient with people, children & situations, not a couch potato and no drama in my life except on my :TV ,I have financially supported,loved & treated children as if they were my own.I'm currently employed by a world wide corp.for 31yrs in Deerpark .I believe in staying healthy and eating some organic & only whole foods that God put on this planet, Lev 11: 10 , Gen 1 : 29 An oriental man walking by my table said "You eat good, you live long time," sorry porky pig is not on my fork l am above financially secure. basically I would love to give that special christian lady my love , my faithfulness , my life,security and respect . I love to listen to KSBJ fm on Sundays ( worship music) On judgement day (2 Cor 5:10 ) I will tell our heavenly father I was faithful in our holy matrimony. Also I am a happy stress free person and a gentleman. Yes I love to hug, please stay close to me but not to close ..

Three daily important things in this life
1- something to do.
2- something to hope for.and
3-someone to love ( I hope we all arrive at no:3 )

[ Filipinas, kumusta ka Tks for visiting ]
First Date
First date ? hmm....l can't remember I think I was about 18........,,all well.
1st before we drive off I would let her check my trunk letting her know i don't carry a shovel or duck tape 2nd I would submit a background check.....3rd l will introduce her to my mommy :raising_hand:for her approval :thumbsup:........Just joking.When I see her I will respectfully hug her as a sign of( It's great to see you and thank you for coming ) l would love to invite her to a healthy dinner so we can " live long time ".Sure,Iam romantic in the event there are no candles on the center of the table l will pull up a photo of one flicking on my iPhone.......J.J. Also I will offer her one great opportunity in her life and that is to be a blessing to someone by paying the bill.......Just joking.
After dinner and if there's a connection.........opps sorry ladies "stars" I will ask her "Will you accompany me on a walk " Hopefully a life time walk with me.

Thank you for your interest & wishing you the very best in your heart's search also
have an awesome day cause any day above ground is an awesome day or as someone said "Over the hill is better than under the hill" Hopefully I uplifted your spirit 1/2 away around the world. A little love ,a hug & Gods Blessings 2. U.
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