If you think that you have to turn from sin in order to be saved, then you are not saved!

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I enjoy listening to my favourite preachers and reading my Bible 2-3 hours / day. I am a social worker by training but left the field after 5 years to start my own business. I sold that business and retired at age 40. I have been divorced for 13 years and have two grown children who live on their own, with financial help from me (sigh). Material things matter very little to me. I am happy having my King James Version Bible, my computer and internet, a warm roof over my head, and good food to eat. Once saved always saved! Once you believe and become a born again child of God there is absolutely nothing you can do or not do to lose your salvation. Once you are saved you can absolutely live like the devil, live in constant wilful sin and still be saved and go to heaven when you die. If you do not believe this then you are trusting in your works in some way, shape, or form and you are not saved. This is why Armenians , Catholics, and most Calvinists are not saved and are going to a literal lake of fire and brimstone. A little trivia about myself: I really don't care about the environment at all. The Bible tells us how it is all going to end and it ain't global warming. Also, I do not own a tv. Also, I believe the universe and everything in it was created by God in 6 literal days about 6,300 years ago. Evolution is a ridiculous hoax. Also, I believe in replacement theology. The Jews are not Gods chosen people, Christians are Gods chosen people. I do not support the state of Israel and I do not understand why any Christian church would support a country of Jesus hating Jews. I am pro-life and post-trib / pre-wrath and VERY anti-lbgtq . I have a strong hunch that the sodomites will fire the "first shot" against the bible by trying to have it declared "hate speech" in the courts because of what it says about them. Also, I am premillennial, and I am King James Version ONLY. I believe there is only ONE dispensation. I hate shopping so I buy almost everything I need on Amazon and I hire someone to do my grocery shopping for me. Hope to hear from you. Greg
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