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Congratulations, you all have managed to kill any desire to be with someone I may have had. I admit I was probably a bit naive when I first created a profile on a dating site. I tried to be open and not focus to much on falling in love but try to just talk to people. I knew the odds of finding a match would be low so hoped I could at least make a friendship or two out of it. I thought I was setting my sites low. Now I realize even that was a high expectation.
Friendship requires mutual interest and respect, something I have never found on here. I never felt any kind of acceptance of myself for just being me. Instead I was constantly criticized and attacked.
Apparently if you don't follow all the "rules" of the dating site game you deserve to be mocked and called fake.
I've never been one for following rules and telling me I won't find someone unless I do doesn't incentives me to "play along". I'd rather continue being me and actually have someone like me for me, than pretend and always wonder. Sure you can tell me that once they get past the facade they really fell for me but it would sadden me that I had to paint my face or play dumb in the first place. No thanks.
I'm sorry I wanted to talk a bit before meeting. I've come to find out that dating sites have turned into places you just arrange meet ups, which to me is just a virtual bar or club. Never been a fan of going out with someone just because I found them attractive. Aside from hearing bad and worse stories of such dates, I'd rather get to know a person a bit and actually know we can have things to chat about. Though apparently talking is a "waste of time". I've never found good conversation to be a waste of time but I must talk to more interesting people.
And finally this specific site. Doesn't say much for a site when it won't allow a picture of someone in a bathing suit, but it will allow a headshot of the same photo, despite the fact it has a photomark quite obviously on it, meaning it clearly was found online somewhere. (I also gotta wonder if a guy in a swimsuit would have the same problems.) But as the men here can't seem to wrap their head around not having a picture, though any smart catfisher could find a hot cheerleader to use, a picture was used. And very few noticed, not the people managing the site, and very few of the members. So in the face of all that horse manure, I'm done. And you have no idea what you are missing out on.
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