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I'm beginning to think that there isn't a good woman that wants a good man. A man who is faithful and loving, who has a job and pays his bills, who is halfway done raising his two kids (21 year old daughter has moved out and 15
year old son who lives with me most of the time) and enjoys having a good time. Can you prove me wrong? I'm not interested in casual hookups. I'm looking to build a remarkable relationship. I don't regularly attend church and haven't for quite some time, but my faith and my love for the Lord are equally strong. I wouldn't be here today if I didn't have my faith.

I am unlike a lot of guys in this little part of the world. How so, you ask? Well, I'm not a redneck, I don't hunt or fish and I don't watch sports (including NASCAR) on tv. Now that's not to say that I don't enjoy going to Busch Stadium and watch the Cards play ball. Also, I'm not an art museum, poetry reading at a stuffy coffeehouse kinda guy either. I'm in between and you'll never meet someone quite like me. I'm honest to a fault and really don't ever see a reason to lie. Maybe cushion the blow when I tell the truth would be a good way to describe my outlook on that. I'm a very affectionate person. If you don't like lots of kisses, embraces, and hand holding, then I'm not the guy for you. I've always loved hearing that I'm a great kisser. There's nothing like a long, slow, passionate kiss! I want that spark again! I love it when I can look into your eyes and it makes it hard to breathe and I forget where I am.

I sometimes sing along with music in my car and even car dance on that rare occasion. Life's all about enjoying it and having fun doing it, right? I could never do without my faith, my iPod, my family, my smartphone, entertainment and the true love of a good woman. I have to admit that I'm beginning to wonder if true love of a good woman actually exists. It's like the Lochness Monster, Bigfoot or aliens in that aspect. I'm a good father and I'm a good friend. I'm the Rainman of pop culture. Well, anything pre-Kardashian anyway. I swear it scares me sometimes the amount of times somebody has tried to stump me. If I had a quarter for everytime someone got served, I'd be a very rich man!

I'm trying to keep in good shape. I like to exercise, but I don't do it nearly as often as I should. Maybe you like to as well and we can motivate one another. I'm looking for a honest, faithful, beautiful and fun woman. Someone who I can connect with in all aspects of a relationship. A great sense of humor is sooo attractive! If you speak fluent Sarcasm and can come back at me with an even better zinger, then I am forever yours.
I am not looking for a mom for my kids. Granted, every child should have both a male and female role model in the home, but what I am looking for is a best friend, a lover and someone to grow old with. I want us to be that old couple you see out in public that is still holding each others hand after all of those years.

I'm a movie enthusiast and I also enjoy some television shows. As for music, I'm a fan of many genres from Classical to current top 40. I have a music library sure to impress you....or make you roll your eyes and laugh at me!

You should message me if you are serious about building a relationship, you do not smoke, you can say more than just "hello", "hey there", or the equivalent, if you can handle that I'm a single dad raising his son,
If you're faithful, loving, fun and compassionate and ready for what could be your last first kiss. While I am flattered with your interest in me, I'm afraid that if you don't live within a reasonable distance, we can't start dating. I won't relocate to another country. I feel that I have to state this with all the interest I'm receiving from around the globe. With that said, good luck to you all and God bless.
First Date
An ideal date would be wherever we go and enjoy ourselves and get to know each other better. We'll figure it out when we get there.
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