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***Update: I am currently overseas. Due to the COVID 19 situation, and the way the American government is(n't) handling it, I made the decision to remain overseas for the time being. I do not yet know when I will return to the States. Therefore, if you're not interested in long distance dating for who-knows-how-long, I am not the one you're looking for.***


I am involved in church and church related ministries, very involved with overseas missions.

What I am looking for in a potential marriage partner is someone who has the same doctrinal beliefs as I do as a Baptist. I understand not everyone has the exact same beliefs, and any relationship will have some level of compromise involved, but the core Baptist doctrines are very important to me and I will only be interested in having a relationship with someone who holds to the same doctrines.

I dislike debating, any topic, and will refuse to debate with someone.

I have difficulty starting conversations, so I am often mistaken for shy. However, if someone is willing to start up a conversation that I'm interested in, I can go on for quite awhile! Some topics I'm interested in: missions, animals, photography, tv/movies, and other similar topics.

I don't wear makeup or jewelry, I have nothing against them, it's just not for me.

For fun, depending on how much time I have/weather, I will either read a book, watch tv, or do something outside such as walking or leisurely hiking with my dog. I am getting into running and biking and have entered and finished a few 5k's so far, slowly working my way up to longer distances. I enjoy taking pictures of scenery, animals, plants, and insects. I sometimes edit the photos with Bible verses or songs. I have a dog and a rabbit and don't tolerate cruel jokes about them, they're my buddies.
First Date
Out to eat in a relaxed atmosphere, nothing fancy (I am perfectly fine with fast food places), maybe bowling or other relaxed public activity.

I dislike heights and the feeling of falling, so no amount of convincing will get me on a roller coaster (I have been on them, but I am no longer going to be convinced to ride them), bungee jumping, sky diving, hang gliding, or mountain climbing. If you enjoy these activities, I'll cheer you on from the sidelines, but it'd make for a lousy date. ;)

I think playing board games like Monopoly or Risk can tell me a lot about someones personality, so maybe a game night with good friends.
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