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God, Learning, Dance, languages, letting God move powerfully through me, active life style,Premium Annual Disneyland Pass, power skateboarding, shark riding, hammering my body back into shape
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I am an intelligent, powerful, 6'4", blue, brown, intelligent and sane. My background is military intelligence and law enforcement, I am a one-man-army and I speak many languages like Russian, German, Spanish and parts of 20 other languages... think Jason Bourne.

Loving, passionate, honest, very intelligent, powerful, caring, kind, considerate, giving man looking for someone who would like to get in a life-long competition to OUT-LOVE, OUT-RESPECT, OUT-SPOIL each other. I will have your highest interests at heart at all times and looking for someone selfless to do the same for me. I have never asked a woman to marry me, but I look forward to the honor once I find HER. I am gifted in all things having to do with love and friendship. I am not arrogant, I simply speak the truth on this subject. I want to be out-loved or at least have my future wife WANT to out-love, out-respect and out-spoil me. :) Hit me with the good stuff and I will love, spoil and respect you beyond your imagination and expectations. To be clear....

THE LONG... I was born and raised in Redondo Beach CA just a stone's throw from the sand. I traveled the world for approximately 10 years doing Military Intelligence work for the US Army, where my primary target languages was Russian and German, but I speak others as well. I did a few years Law Enforcement on a tropical island along the way too. I made others millions running a company for them, then created my own construction company over 15 years ago. God has gifted me with an wonderful mind, which can be both a blessing and a challenge at times. :) I am not your average man in any way. I am the 3% of REAL MEN / diamonds among the 97% of coal lumps in the mountain of average men on Earth.
I am a true renaissance man by definition... I am very strong, yet tender. I am highly intelligent, yet exciting. I am Godly, but very fun. I cross all social barriers and have been able to do so since I was in high school. I treat the valet that parks my car with the same respect and love that I show to heads of state. When I go to Kansas, I am just as interested in the local culture and people as I am when I go to Paris. I am EXTREMELY honest and open. Sometimes my pure honesty about my skills and gifts can be mistaken for conceit, so let me begin by saying again that... I AM NOTHING AND GOD IS EVERYTHING. :)
I have been proposed to an obscene amount of times in my life, but I have never asked a woman to marry me... including my ex wife of 16 years. I DO however look forward to the honor of asking THE ONE when I find her. :) I have three wonderful amazing little ones, but they do not live with me and are adults on their own now. I have a Godly glow that started a couple of years ago. It draws people to me like moths to a light when I let it shine. The glow makes men want to me my best friend and women often confuse my glow for lust or attraction. I am celibate and trying to wait for THE ONE. I spent the first two years after my divorce praying night and day for my lost ex-wife. Then after two years of focused prayer I took God's answer on the subject to be "NO". Only THEN did I allow myself to see women as potential mates again. I am patiently keeping my eyes, mind and heart open for THE ONE.
I enjoy giving and am much better at that, than I am at taking or receiving. However knowing that weakness of mine, it would be great if my future wife was a selfless amazing giver, lover and nurturer too. :) I am MAGIC with little ones and animals. I can be stubborn on matters of principal and honor, but love to give-in as a way of expressing my love and devotion to a Dear One. I am very demanding of those closest to me concerning honesty and respect, but deliver in abundance in both of those areas myself too. One of my rules of friendship is to speak each other up GREATLY in each other's presence, but speak each other up TWICE as much behind each other's backs. :)
I am looking for someone who is willing and capable to cheerfully give almost as much as I am in the critical areas of honesty, love, passion, kindness, caring, consideration, tenderness, fidelity, loyalty, sincere uplifting praise, cooperation, communications, selflessness, affection, and maximizing our potentials, being the glue that binds our existing family and best friend relationships closer still...
I will not settle, and if you are amazing, then you should not settle either.

Lying is the quickest way out of my life. Thanks to God, I am more active and stronger than most people half my age. People consider me to be in good shape, but I am poised to hammer my body back into great shape. :) I am open minded to relocate or do just about anything for THE ONE. I do marriage and love counseling occasionally. I am gifted in all things having to do with love. I am full of love and dwell in love. I wish and pray for the same for you.
I know my level of honesty is rare so let me say again, I only speak the truth here in an attempt to communicate information about myself to those interested in knowing me well and NOT to puff myself up... The specific word choices of my profile are specific for a person of faith, if you are not of a deep faith you might misconstrue their meaning. People call me ExRussianSpy and I use AOL as my service provider.
Once again let me restate... I AM NOTHING AND GOD IS EVERYTHING.

Much love and respect to you!
First Date
A) That information is not for just everyone.
B) Part of the beauty of the evening would be the surprise of it all as it unfolded.

I rarely have anyone on my favorite's list. When I do have someone on my favorite's list it is only ONE person at a time, so if you are on my fave list it means I am very impressed/interested in you. :)
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