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I want to be as modest as possible. 1timothy 2:9 Pro Life ministry is also important to me.I believe Luke 3:14 KJV applies to people of all ages i do have a cause: i want to live for the glory of Jesus, but i dont always know how. i hope to have peaceful informative conformity to the greatest truth. i wonder if i am looking hard enough when the yoke is easy and the burden is light. i believe in heaven and there was a time i believed in the world, but the world has failed me more than i ever could have imagined. the world is not welcoming enough to define it as a home. however, Heaven has sent me a written invitation. Be Pro -LIFE , Jesus loves you. " Do violence to no man." - Luke 3:14 KJV it is a prayer to hope that all people will diligently seek and find truth in every moment in every way. i want people to know that i'm willing to talk things through and i'm willing to listen and that i'm here as a servant ,so put me to work, i want to help... it wont even be like work it will be a privilege. one of my goals is to appreciate all that i've received freely and in turn freely give. i want to be in continuous magnanimity/gratitude to Christ Jesus.
would you want to spend eternity with people who chose to be there, or robots? YHVH gave out the answer to the test. In the garden there was only one wrong answer. Just because you know what someone will choose in advance, does not mean that the right choices were not ever conveniently within their reach in abundance. YHVH has the authority and capacity to reverse all evil past events and put an end to evil. YHVH intervened by creating each person with the potential to intervene against evil and avoid committing evil that is our purpose. we are awaiting the non repentant to become repentant. It is a beautiful justice when a criminal looks back to what was done and wants it to be reversed also. (Matthew 12:24-30 contemplations).
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Wholesome and modest conversation outdoors. I'm also open to being a friend if we figure out that we are not compatible as more. I have some Amish and Mennonite tendencies.
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