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podcasts, board games, comics, movies, tv, books, music, travel, museums
About Me
Good morning! And if I don't see you, good afternoon, good evening, and good night. :)

I'm an imperfect sinner saved by God's grace alone and spending my life following Him and letting Him transform me more each day. Jesus is more awesome than words can say but I still try singing it on our worship team. Or I just beat drums. That part in Psalms about the resounding cymbals? Yeah, that's me. :)

I'm simple guy. I like my days cool, my nights starry, my fun clean and my food meat filled.
I did not put the bop in the bop in the bop-she-bop-she-bop but I might know how much wood a woodchuck chucks if they are so inclined. You'd have to ask to find out. :P

I ponder how many licks it truly takes to get to the Toosie-Roll (tm) center of the Toosie-Pop and hope God doesn't mind if I ask Him when I get to Heaven.

Bible Heroes: David (warrior/musician? That's like a Rambo mixed with Phil Collins), Enoch (not what you say but what they say about you), John ('cause all we need is LOVE), and JESUS (the Man, the Savior, the LORD)

TV Heroes: Ron Swanson (you make a wedding ring from a lamp fixture, you stand apart), Alex Trebek (Mastering the 'answers in form of a question can NOT be easy), and Spongebob SquarePants (Hero of the aggressively nice)

Bucket List: Get on a game-show, see the Northern Lights, visit every state in our great US of A, win a citywide scavenger hunt, write a novel, have a picture taken of me walking away coolly while explosion goes off behind me, play a perfect set on drums while wearing a full mascot costume (aiming for Chococat if possible).

Love a good movie and sometimes a bad movie (nothing like a movie rag session). I'm a big comic book nerd so I know all the guys in the Marvel movies before they were in the Marvel movies. I wanna be Captain America but I come off more like Ant-Man. Actually more like Luis. You want new movie theories. I can help with that. :P

I like to have a reason to laugh and smile but I can be serious as the need arises. I'm looking for the woman who'll journey through life with me, put her head on my shoulder and arms around me when I need it and be ready to receive the same. I want someone to make inside jokes with, give anniversary gifts to, sing love songs to, yell at Google maps with, and share spoonfuls of ice cream while actually spooning.

If that sounds good to you maybe we can start that journey together. Here's hoping.
First Date
If it's cooler out then something outside like a nighttime trip to the botanical gardens or zoolights or a coffee outside. A place to talk.
If it's hot, then I'm thinking museums or a clean comedy show if one is being given. We can grab a ice cream a nice little place afterwards. Or froyo if you are more hip-like. :P
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