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FedEx Handler
crafts such as wood carving or metal working. video games when I have little else to do. generally getting out.
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I'm an honest to god Christian who bares his sins like any other. I'm fiercely loyal, and honest to a fault. I firmly believe that no progress can be made by telling a comforting lie. I respect a girl who is willing to tell me the truth when it needs to be heard. just the same I will speak the truth to you as well.
I'm no perfect man, I'm full of faults and offer struggle through life. because of the people I work with and grew up with though school I have been distant and often reticent. I am slow to trust but am willing to make a friend if they really match me.
underneath tempered personality is a happy go lucky soul that often comes out when I'm excited or generally comfortable around the people in with. I adore a girl with a happy go lucky smile and a great sense of humor.
because my job is demanding at times I'm often given a solid workout through out the day. I am pretty strong and very tough though I don't have any chizzled abbs, lol.
I hope to find some one close to my age. if I find ms. right then I would like nothing more than to live a long healthy life together. however if we find that we can not get along then I hope that we will both have the strength to shake hands and go our separate ways without a fuss.
I like to move slow, taking our time to learn about each other first. have an opportunity to see if we can be comfortable. I'm a very patient man, I look forward to a nice conversation in the future. thank you and God bless.
First Date
I Like To Dance A Bit So Maybe A Dance Studio?
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