PLS, don't lose OUR time. just IF u identified yourself AS I wrote, I'd like to meet u

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show me who is racist, sexist and without empathy and u'll know, that person doesnt love. The love is the 1st condition to be a christian.

search for someone like you, see yourself, read yourself

first: read, please! and call me just if u identified urself like I wrote for we dont lose our time!

and if you have the ability to always improve to build a family and be a great husband like Jesus loved the church, I'd like to meet you

-I would like to find someone born in a Christian family and always lived under the teachings of Christ: , with righteousness, good heart, and pure thoughts. or *be converted for at least 18 years*

- i Want someone who has never been married or 'lived together'/ co-living

- someone who has no children and be absolutely sure of it !!!

- Let him be a true Christian and not just the speaker without a real life in Christ.
- If you believe that someday you can betray, I don't want to be an option for you.
-I believe in pure, unique, undefiled marriage w Someone who understands and accepts that many things doesnt work out, and that trials, afflictions, illnesses and difficulties happen to everyone, with the pure and the impure, and who knows how to deal with it
10 - M41 10 - Q82.0

- Someone who lives like in Titus 1.
- I like sincere people, who tell the truth even though it hurts. I dont like liars (who likes?)
- I like people who dont hide their past, nor their present, nor dreams.
- Understand that we need to put together ideas to decide the best together.

*similar people have a lower risk of friction* ;) I'm a ESTJ and like a ENFP person so much s2
I like the right things the right way, and who likes it that way too. I'm shy 😊

the man doesnt need to be extremely handsome, but someone who takes care of his appearance, cuts and brushes his hair, strives not to get fat like me. who chooses to deprive himself of food if it means he is taking care of his health

My eyes are black, my hair too and 4A, but I paint my hair frequently (brown, red) and sometimes I use chemical straightening on it, just when I want it. If you're racist, I'd ask you to leave my profile. All humans are descended from Adam and raised by one God, no one chooses skin color, hair, eyes, or physical traces on a shelf!

you can move to Sao Paulo, it's a commercial center, many buildings, houses, wonderful places to travel, good clime
or, maybe, I can move my country if I can take my mother along (I have no brothers, and my father passed away when I was 7) i dont want to leave her alone and you'll understand that if you r a christian :raising_hand:
First Date
i hate video chat, selfies 😒🙄🤢🤮
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