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God, the church, reading, writing, philosophy, good food, games, walking, jogging, biking, skiing, basketball, lifting weights, relaxing, jokes, stories, writing, laughing, sleeping, time spent together
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Wit and intelligence are paramount in my paramour. I'm looking to find a girl I can love with all my intellect as well as my heart . . . someone who challenges me to laugh and think, conversation by conversation.

Don't get me wrong. I love to simply sit by the fire, a dog on the chair beside me. I can play a game of basketball, take a trip to raft or snowski, cook a tasty meal. I'm actually rather good at simply shooting the breeze, on a lazy level; I love to listen; I like Disney and action movies, even chickflicks; I'm eager to try new things, go to new places; and I give excellent back massages.

So. The fact that I study philosophy, read books, write stories, have finished a Master's in an academic field --- in short, the fact that I *have* a brain --- does not imply that I *am* a brain. Funny how many people seem to conflate those two points. But I do want to be straightforward about the person I'm looking for. If you don't love literature AND you don't like to think AND you never wish to engage in games of wit and laughter . . . then it is unlikely that I am for you or you are for me.

Is everyone scared off yet?

*sound of panic, desks overturned, chairs knocked sideways as all their occupants suddenly flee*

*sound of an empty room*

Ah well. You cannot fault me for not being honest. :-)

PS --- What do I do? I own a small business in Atlanta.

PPS -- Why should you date me? Because obviously, I'm awesome.

PPPS --- Yes (because it needs to be said) I am virgin and planning on waiting until marriage to change that. And yes, I do work out (weight-lifting and jogging) to keep in shape. I can lift my six foot tall cousin onto my shoulders and jog with him through the woods. See how the weight-lifting and jogging practically combine? ;-)
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Frozen yogurt store --- three types of yogurt loaded with candy. Then play putt-putt and drive race cars.
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