What I have, the Lord gives me. Even you!

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A Marriage Partner
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Sooke Baptist
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Possibly, who knows
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Yes but not living at home
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4 Yr College Degree
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Carpet and Upholstery Cleaner
science, dancing, chess, movies, hiking/walking, swimming, scuba, marine biology, politics, social issues, evolution/creation
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I'm just a working man, following Christ in a broken world. All I have to offer is what the Lord gives me. Lord knows I'm not perfect, and I'm sure you'll find that out too, but I keep trying, ask forgiveness and keep moving. I've learned there's no room for pride in a marriage.
If you're looking for the big lifestyle, the car, the house, travel the world, those aren't my ambition, though if given the opportunity, and the Lord provides, I'm open.

I have passion for ONE woman. I marry for life, divorce is not an option , so after 21yrs of looking I'm still single....yeah, guess I might have some trust issues. I'm wary. Been led down the path too many times only to learn she was more OF the world than just IN it. So if you want to break that barrier, takes some time. Just running towards Christ and looking to the side to see if anyone is running beside me.

I'm not hypocritical about divorce. She left. I couldn't stop her. I had no say in it. And I have evaluated my role in the marriage breakdown. I went to counseling but she wouldn't. No place for pride in a marriage. I still would be married today, even though it would be a rough one. Too many people bail too quickly not realizing that IF you stick it out and grow together, in both meanings of those words, long term it will be better for both.

Anyway, it all starts with hello and you replying, back and forth becomes a conversation. As Billy Joel says in his one song, not looking for brilliant conversation, never want to work that hard. Just talk, share, be yourself.
I burn. Do you?
I need a friend, a confidant, a helpmate, a lover. Do you?
Looking for a lady attractive such that I want to take her to bed.
Smart and intellectual and caring enough that I want to wake to her and come home to her, every day, till death do we part.
I'm conservative, nothing "liberal" about me. I'm compassionate and giving. I don't need things done my way. Need someone that won't take advantage of that.
I'm openly closed minded, I evaluate everything.
If you submit to Christ, then maybe we can make it work.
Not addicted to anything, well, maybe dark chocolate.
Look up Eric Ludy's song, Poet and a Prince. That'll give you some insight to me.
Live by grace, not the law.

With all that said, when it gets down to it, listen to Matt Papa song Amen https://youtu.be/FnIPaKgDTSU
If you relate to that we've got some common ground.
1 Cor 13. Do you understand this?
Eph 2:8-10 Do you understand that?
Romans 7:15-25 What does grace mean to you?
My hope https://youtu.be/ETgV7XOmVwc
These will help to understand me more than I could write.
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