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Generally, easy going. Don’t believe in unnecessary restrictions. As long somethings not wrong in God’s sight, then it’s not wrong in mine.

Just Christian; striving each day to be more like Christ.


After being on here awhile, as a kindness, I think it best to state that I will not be interested if:

First and foremost; you have yet to receive the baptism of the holyghost. We can be friends, but that’s it.

If you are a sugar momma looking for a sugar baby. I’m financially secure, and have no interest in being a gigolo. Please keep it moving. Thank you

If you’re looking some one nice that you can have causal hookups with; then see where it goes from there. I’m not that guy. No, I’m not expecting most folks to be virgins; life happens. But I am expecting you to be at a point in your walk with Christ where you are serious about abstaining from wickedness.

If you’re not humble before truth, and willing to hearken to it no matter its source or form.

If you’re not a kind and generous person who knows and understands that the single commandment of Christ is to love and care for ones fellow man.

If you are the pastor or preacher at your church. Just so contrary to bible! I believe in striving lawfully for the crown, so unless you’re interested in obeying the God’s law, I’m not interested.

All for now. If you made it past the list, feel free to wink or message me. I’m sensitive, caring, harmless and easy going -but open, honest and straight to the point as well. I’m serious about my walk in Christ and only desire to partner with someone else who is serious about making it; and helping others to do so also.

As long as you weren’t offended by any of this; only God knows for sure, but you might really be the one for me. May God bless and keep.
First Date
I’m a simple guy, I’d want it to be something enjoyable that we both can agree on. As long as I enjoy the company, I’m up for anything -except perhaps skydiving.
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