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About me:

I'm naturally a spiritual thinking kind of person. If words like deliverance, inner healing, seer, prophetic, dreams, visions or similar, weird you out, were probably not right for each other....
But if they don't, were going to have some very interesting conversions.

I know a lot about mental health, psychology, and its connection to the spiritual things of the bible, I have had heaps of training as a DID coach (dissociative identity disorder) which seems to be the direction Gods leading me into right now, to help survivors of DID and SRA.

In my free time I watch sermons, read/listen to the bible, and only listen to worship music.
I use to be a hardcore PC gamer when I was younger, now I play the occasional building/strategic game because I don't have a lot of time for it anymore.

I love to learn about religious history and the science fields like psychology, archeology, anthropology, linguistics, genetics, and lately even quantum physics, and also the so called conspiracy theories which really have a lot of actual facts in them.

If you like Skywatch TV, Derek and Sharon Gilbert, Michael Heiser, Michael Rood, Nehemia Gordon, watched the “Patterns of Evidence” series, Joseph Dumond, Jim Staley, Daniel Duval, Amanda Buys, and so so many others..... were going to have a LOT to talk about.

I don't watch TV, or go to the cinemas, haven't watched Netflix in over 6 months.
I am pretty “unworldly” so to speak, which means if your still doing those secular things or have a very secular world view, were probably going to clash in opinions drastically.

I use to get Hebrew lessions because I wanted to be able to read the dead sea scrolls, but struggle to have time for it, so I'm far from fluent I'm more basic to intermediate level.
I do Israeli dancing at my congregation, and I weight train at the gym a few times a week.
I know a lot about fitness & weight training, because I use to be into that in a big way when I was younger, but I'm more casual about it now.
I love nature, it reminds me of God. In my fun time I love to go for a walk in a park or some garden full of flowers, because I love bright colours.

I'm a girlie girl, I live in dresses, expect me in a flower dress on most days.
I work in retail so I have a ridiculous wardrobe full of free or cheap clothes/shoes from work.
But I can re-merchandise your wardrobe in 30 min to an hour! Depending on its size... of course.
And show you 20 plus ways to fold your clothing
One of those silly qualities I picked up from working in retail for so many years.

What my husband would look like:

I'm looking for a man with a real heart for God, who wants a family that's focused on Yeshua (Jesus).
Someone to do bible studies with, pray with, praise God with, serve God with, and primarily love God with.

A man who I can really talk to about God, not just a church guy. And not a religious person, as in someone who knows lots about laws, but not much about relationship with God. I want a man who follows Gods laws because he loves God, not the other way around, real conviction and the working of the Holy Spirit.

My ideal husband would be someone that when I'm with them I see God in them, and because of my love for the Holy Spirit in them, I want to be with them 24/7.
First Date
Coffee and lunch would probably be best.
Discussion about the things God has taught us through our lives, that would be super fun for me.
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