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Giving this couple tries, twice now, and kept on deleting it for fake accounts from "women" so please this time do not discourage me. If you have no picture as your default, one picture in your pictures, same two pictures in your pictures, or no pictures at all don't even attempt of messaging me, favoriting me, or 😉 at me. Ask yourself why I blocked you then. It is just something so simple as you uploading pictures of you so we men can truly believe you are a real woman and deciding you are not going to just because then if men do say something like I just described earlier don't be burning us in your profile later on by screen shooting our pictures so that everyone could see when in reality all you had to do is just upload pictures of actually you. That just comes to show how childish you are, grow up. I wouldn't had blocked you in the first place if all you did was that, show evidence. Then why you are asking yourself for me to believe you? How? With no pictures of you?! How do you expect for me to love you when I have no clue what you "woman" really look like?! Use your common sense people! Facepalm. It is not okay if I have my guard up, if I am cautious who I speak to, but it's okay if I am being made fun of? Makes no sense. Also I dislike people who are self conscious. The majority of women in this case. If you are thin put thin. If you are few extra pounds put full figured/few extra pounds. If you are muscular/ripped put muscular/ripped. Etc. Don't be putting few extra pounds when you're thin. You don't see me putting muscular/ripped when I know I am not. I put thin why well because I am. I'm not self conscious, I am honest, not exaggerating! It's time you start being the woman that you really are in reality and not the woman you say you "are". So be real don't be a fake. Don't be a phony. If you live in a certain nation/country and/or city well put that city as your location. It is correct if you do, sounds so dumb for me to even have to say that, but some of you write down in your About Me that you "like" certain town/city that you decide to put that as your current location instead of your actual real location! For example, if I say I love Estonia, but I was born and live in U.S.A., and in my location in the beginning in my profile it says Estonia. Haha, like really?! 😑 😐 . Sorry if I hurt your feelings. If I offend you sorry, but you want honesty in a man...?...well you will have all honesty with me. Be real with me, be straight forward with me if you have to, just do not be a hypocrite. I value a woman who is sincere/honest with me. I prefer you tell me things straight up regardless if it might hurt my feelings than instead of me finding out on my own then I tell you and you act like you didn't know afterwards. Also if you are in favor of abortion do not even try to message me, 😉 at me, or favorite me, I will block you once I find out. Two genders only [Adam and Eve, not Ana and Eve or Adam and Eric]. Republicans only. I didn't really want to put all of these, but you women, the majority, have made me lose hope in humanity. Gosh.
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