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Outside of study of God's word, prayer, and advancing the kingdom of God, I really have no interests or hobbies. Not to say there are not things I do enjoy, for there are. It's just that the things of God have taken my heart so that I prefer them over other things. As well, the vision God gave me (one that has died many times through circumstances of life, only to be resurrected again by God) still lives in me. Though it is now more than 40 years, I live to fulfill it.

I am somewhat laid back, but not shy. I have a good sense of humor, kind of dry and off the cuff, and I can be silly at times. I smile lots and sense the peace of God — even in the midst of great difficulties. Yet there have been times of great discouragement, with deep sobbing as I have walked through and prayed through difficult circumstances.

I am a deep thinker and entertain serious questions, many times stepping outside the box of mainstream thinking. God is awesome to me and so is His creation. I wonder at Him and at it! I am relatively confident in matters of faith and doctrine, but in other things maybe not so much. I have a tendency to be a leader but can follow as well. And, being somewhat idealistic and organized, I can be bothered by what I perceive to be sloppiness or disorganization.

I am a good listener and find it easy to empathize with people in their circumstances and struggles, since I have faced many of my own. I have failed enough, messed up enough, tripped up enough, blundered enough, and lost enough, to know that I am by no means ‘super-spiritual’. I am just one of many pilgrims on a journey through this ‘treacherous’ world, and can easily relate to the difficulties and setbacks of this life. Yet I have also risen from many a setback because of Him who said, “In the world you will have tribulation, but be of good cheer, I have overcome the world.”

Regarding doctrine, I believe that being saved through the name of Jesus and repentance from sin is foundational to faith. The baptism in the Holy Spirit I see as essential to the Christian walk, though not to be saved. I cherish speaking in other tongues and would feel lost without it when it comes to prayer — lifts me beyond my own limitations and brings me into praying for those things which my mind fails to perceive.

I am convinced that healing and deliverance are for today, but, sadly, the simple truths concerning them lay buried beneath a pile of excuses for our inability to produce. Hence I study. I search for answers. I’m also persuaded the Church is in need of revival — another great awakening. Seems that heresies have crept in and derailed the Church, turning her away from her mission — the biggest culprit being the ‘prosperity gospel’.

I also believe what the word of God teaches regarding submission to leaders, whether that be people being submitted to their God-given shepherds, wives being in submission to their husbands and children to their parents.

I realize this is a touchy subject and that the world grates against these principles. But then, we Christians are not part of this world, right? Though we might wrestle with this Biblical principle and chafe against it, God expects us to submit ourselves to it. Else we will be rebels against Him and His kingdom — maybe, in the end, even unfit for His kingdom.

And, yes, there will be a working out of this with fear and trembling as we seek to embrace this and make it part of our lives. But it does need to be embraced. And embracing it will go against every ounce of our carnal nature. May God help each of us!

PERSONAL EXPERIENCE: About 42 years ago, not long after I was saved, being very zealous for revival, I spoke out against my pastor, whom I thought was not that 'spiritual'. I spoke negatively about him to some members of the congregation, some who seemed to kind of follow me. To make a long story short, God humbled me. I ended up being compelled by God to apologize publicly in front of the congregation. That hurt! And I have never, since that time, ever spoken out against my pastor. (Hard lesson, learned well!)

On that note, I should also say that, in this day of the internet where there is such a plethora of preachers who air their messages online, there are some people who have chosen to ‘attend’ church online, rather than attend a local Church. I am persuaded that each and every person needs to be a part of a local church body, attending regularly. If all a person gets is online sermons, he/she is deficient in spiritual nourishment. Each of us needs to be under a pastor, and accountable to a body of people, who care about us and who know us, and who can speak into our lives.

I enjoy writing and write practically daily, whether it be notes on a study on healing I have been engaged in for many years, or to prepare for messages to be preached, etc. I lead a weekly Bible study, and my strengths are prayer and study of the word of God. Leaning towards evangelism, and having a heart for the down-and-out, I was involved in prison ministry and inner-city outreach many years ago. But for the past 20 years or so I have been engaged primarily in study, with an early-to-bed, early-to-rise routine.

I have a number of scriptures that have become anchors on my journey. These are some:
(1) Rom.8:28 has carried me through many difficult times;
(2) Heb.11:6 and Jer.29:13 birthed in me that desire to seek God with all my heart;
(3) Ps.51:6 and Ps.139:23-24 helped to create in me an ‘inward-looking’ eye — to expose that darkness that was hidden in my own heart;

But two of the most influential scriptures in my life are Is.55:5 and Heb.11:8. Planted within me 43 years ago, they have lived quietly, almost serenely in my spirit. Even while in some of the deepest pits of my soul — though in some pits their light was almost extinguished. They are the well-spring of the vision which I have continually lived for, but yet to be realized. And these two scriptures have kept me open to go (maybe move?) anywhere in the world that God might direct me.

Hope to have a soul-mate to accompany me, and to help me, on the rest of my journey — wherever that may lead, into whatever storms I may encounter, as God’s plan and His long-awaited vision unfolds.

My desire is a true, committed helpmate to walk side-by-side with as one, to whom I’m inseparably joined — and whose company I enjoy, and, likewise, she mine.

She should feel called to a life of service beyond that which is the norm, and be willing to lay down her life for the gospel, endure hardship, and face whatever storms the call of God may bring her way. She will be both ‘ABLE’ and ‘WILLING’ to go to — or ‘move to’ — any place in the world that God may bid her go, whatever that may cost her. (Not saying she ‘will’ move, but she is willing to do so — if that is God’s plan for her.)

Having empathy and an eagerness to serve, she is compassionate and gives of herself to others, especially to help them grow spiritually — and is not living merely for her own comfort, and her own pleasure. Not a perfect woman who has arrived, but who, like me, is on the journey and pressing on towards the mark.

In short, she should live for the kingdom of God so that it is the underlying, and driving force of her life, with all other things secondary to it. (Not that she does not have other desires and dreams. But she is so passionate for the kingdom of God, those desires and dreams take second place.)

She would also be able and willing to help me fulfill the vision God gave to me, which I anticipate would include promoting and marketing books I feel God will have me write (one which is already written and I am now about ready to publish).

Along with physical attraction, there would be a chemistry connection that suits my personality — maybe an outgoing, friendly, people-person, who enjoys a good laugh and has a good sense of humor. Playful and witty, with a welcoming smile, yet a good conversationalist and able to be serious when the situation calls for it.

I think it important we are on the same wave-length regarding doctrine, and matters of right and wrong. Along with being a woman of prayer, she is a consistent reader of the word of God — and, since I have not had a TV for many years, and have no desire to have one, she would be content to live without one.

I realize the manner of life I live is not for everyone. And I also realize what I have described in a soul-mate is not for everyone. But God does set people apart to this — and those He does are quite content in how they live. (Truthfully, I am never bored.)

TWO SIGNS: A few years back, for my own protection, to avoid making a mistake, I decided to put into place two signs that would have to happen if someone 'MIGHT' be the person for me. Nothing spectacular. And definitely not like Gideon's fleeces. Just very ordinary things that could so easily take place. If they did not take place, then the person I was considering would not be the will of God for me.

STRUGGLE: I should say that, in all honesty, I struggle with the thought of getting married at the age I am at now (which by the way is one year older than the age of my profile, since I made a mistake when I selected my year of birth). My life is quite peaceful and free from family tension. My children live independently from me, and me from them. I do not interfere in their lives, nor do they interfere in mine. We have a congenial relationship, and I enjoy my visits with them and my grandchildren. But I am free to go anywhere in the world.

I could only consider a lady who is in a similar situation. She would need to have the freedom (and the willingness) to go anywhere in the world. A lady who is tied to where she lives, for whatever reason, would not be the person for me. And she would have the ability, as well as a keen interest in helping me fulfill the will of God.

If such a person existed, who was a fit in the other things I have mentioned, then I would (at this late stage in life), be willing to marry.

What are you looking for? A wealthy man who can give you all the things this world has to offer? If so, then look elsewhere because I am not the one. Life has not turned out that way for me.

What can I offer? A life lived for God, not lived amongst the wealthy but among the not-so-wealthy, even the poor and hurting of this world. Fact is, even if God blesses me with wealth (and there is potential for that) I would not live amongst the wealthy. Nor would I live ‘like’ the wealthy. No fancy cars, no expensive toys, no big house ... because as Paul said of widows who lived in pleasure, if I lived like that, I would be dead while I live (1Tim.5:5-6).

So if you want a life lived for God, one focused upon advancing His kingdom, then I might be the one for you ... and you might be the one for me. If your eyes are upon the heavenly reward and not on how things go for you personally in this life, then we might be a match.

God bless you and direct you in your search for that right companion for you.
______________________________________________ ______________________________________________

*****NOTE *****:
If you have made all the way to the end of this 'long' profile, then I commend you. You must be a persistent lady! And thanks for doing that. If you are from the US and have selected: 'Block users outside of the United States', then I would not be able to contact you, even if I wanted to.

So, if something has caught your attention and you would like to message me, then be bold and do so (I know that it is uncomfortable for many ladies to do). I will message you back ... even if it is to politely say I do not think you and I would be a possible match.

I have respect for all the ladies on this site and see them as sisters in the Lord, not just strangers on the internet, whom I could just ignore if I thought I might not be interested. That, to me, would not please our Heavenly Father. So I do respond to all messages.

Thanks again for reading this 'long' profile. You definitely are one persistent trooper !
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