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Am a Believer in GOD/Holy Spirit/JESUS(Messiah),i live and walk by the righteous Instructions of life.
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Every week
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Church of Christ
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Some College
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Living by/for Yahuah(GOD)Yeshua(JESUS),(Father and The Son),Work at Home and away from home,,Other Profess: Investigative journalist,Natural Herbs an remedies
The Truth,The Way,The Life,winter walks,Writing,Studying,BoardGames,Books,friends,
Nature,Biology,Playing Guitar,Photography,Museum,
Galleries,Travel,Theatre & Plays,Biking,Poetry,Workout,Researching
About Me
*Am a Student of: YAHWEH(GOD)And His son YASHUA Ha'Mashiach (Salvation in The Messiah JESUS CHRIST)
*Am a quite person,until am spoken to.
* Enjoy Rambling(conversations) & listening.
*Am joyful/Funny and a terrible dancer.
*i enjoy the small and oldways of life(oldfashion).
*Vegetarian for 13years & still counting.(Not vegan)
*i enjoy talking to elders and taking care of them.
*i enjoy kids(don't have any,but i will like too)
* i enjoy Walking and Nature alot.
*i enjoy Gardening and Cooking.
*i Fancy all oraganic tea's and Fruitblend smoothies
*i Read and study alot.
*i enjoy helping others.
*i will stick with the one i love.
*Am very respectful,Wise the wisdom,Truthful,Masculine,&strong Hearted.
*i don't watch cable (over 10 years).But i fancy Dvds and Tubi App.(classic,independent,romance,Korean films)
*i never cheated,never will.
*Have a car(2014 Nissan Juke,bordeaux)
*Favorite Color: Black,Gray,light Brown,Light Olive Green.
*i speak English,Hebrew,some french,some spanish,and alittle russian.(still learning)
*Wanna learn Korean & Chinese.

**THE TORAH(Instructions) is YAHUAH(GOD)" To Do list for Us(His Children),THE WHOLE BIBLE is YAHWEH(GOD) TELLING Us (His children) the Alpha and omega(The beginning and The end),BECAUSE YAHWEH(GOD) is the Alpha and omega.And His Son Yeshua HA'MASHIACH(Jesus The Messiah) is the only way to Eternal Life. AMEIN, AMEIN!

**YAHWEH(GOD) INSTRUCTIONS(TORAH),is NOT a Religion,BUT it's a Covenant(Agreement and command) with YAHWEH(GOD)/YESHUA HA'MASHIACH(JESUS THE MESSIAH) For Us Believers,To live the Righteous,THE TRUTH,THE WAY,THE LIFE, of True Believers of YAHWEH(GOD)and YESHUA CHRIST(MESSIAH JESUS the SON OF GOD).AMEN AMEIN!!!

**Story Time:
**YAHUAH(God) always been with me to show me the truth,as a kid i always felt it was something strange about this world,something sinister, i was always thinking,,when i turned 15 of age, i started studying more and ELOHiYM(GOD) opened my eyes up to the fullest, My mind increased Rapidly, but at the same time Focus,Calm,and wise to the wisdom,As i Volume up in Age, My knowledge,Skills,and Studies are all even more stronger and dedicated to Honor, Worship,Praise and believe in YAHUAH/YASHUA Ha'Mashiach(GOD,HOLY SPIRIT/JESUS).3 IN 1 =THE MESSIAH JESUS CHRIST Amein, Amein.
First Date
A day out in town, at a independent restaurant,with a dim roar(not so loud)with a natural cup of herb tea Rambling up a conversation.

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