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Likes Drawing, Gardening, Anime, Superhero movies, knowing about gemstones, documentaries on strange things and phenomenon, Walking outdoors, trying good food🍜 and going around town🌇 to explore alone.
About Me
I am here for a serious relationship which would eventually lead to a marriage🤵👰. My expectations are not on the outside but more on the inside values..

🌺I am open for Long Distance relationship because it will give us time to know each other.🌺

About me:

*Honest, Understanding, Loyal,Caring😇, Romantic and Sensitive to others feelings.

* Born again in Christ and Baptised🌊🕊️.

*Still saving my First kiss😘 I just could not find the right person

*I am not a party person and would rather prefer sitting in a Garden, Holding hands👫 and having a meaningful conversation.

*I don't like to swear🤐 or use profanity in conversation.

*I am a Libra.

*I am working as a Sr. Customer Service Adviser ☎️in a Call Center.

*Lot of Christians, take vows But the divorce rate is high, I feel sorry for them, One should mean the vows when taken, "that I will be with you always in Rich or Poor, in Health or Sickness, Happiness or Sadness, till Death depart us".
At any point something goes wrong, let's talk about it and fix right then and there.

*Animated🦸 movies are better than reality movies is just my opinion

*No Facebook, No Insta, No Twitter etc.I don't 🎭find them useful.

*I am a simple person and don't spend much on lifestyle. My major expense is Food🍜 and Gadgets :D

*I don't appreciate ladies who reveal their body and flaunt too much in public🧜. Because Beauty is what comes from Inside just my opinion. Our words,intentions and actions.

* I love kids. But no plans on Having cz that time and energy want to use in blessing my partner with beautiful memories. Doing things that we like to do or wanted to do. Like new hobby, any interest, new trips, a life time adventure 🤗
*I am native of Kerala, India. If that interests you. but brought up outside Kerala.

*Reason for Creating Account outside India: PRIVACY REASONS.


***All I ask is to be faithful and committed.
If you are the right person for me by the grace of God. I am ready to leave my country or state if required to be one with you if its a long distance relationship. I believe love has no boundaries and all are God's one creation. So you could be from anywhere . .***

(Please only message if you are serious about this relationship. Waiting for your message :D )

(Thanks again for your Time🕰️. Roses are red🌹, Sky is blue☁️, oh my dear were are you...�")
Regards and Love
First Date
🎀I Never Have Gone For A First Date. I Never Had A Physical Girlfriend. I think I will just be honest the stage or place doesn't matter. cz you could be sitting in the most romantic restaurant with candlelight Dinner in Paris🗼 for all I care, but if heart🧡🤗 isn't right then it's all futile.🎀
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