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Bible studying, DSA or DnD, music (making and listening), art such as painting and drawing, hiking, camping, watching movies, swimming, bicycle riding, reading the bible, cooking and baking,
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I am a 30 year young woman. I am a full time single mother of a wonderful young man (6 years of age with a bubbly and sweet personality)

I am Most of the time a pretty happy person with a british sense of humor... I am definitely not bitter, a little bittersweet at times due to my artistic nature... Music in any way is my passion. I sing I dance and used to play 3 instruments (which was long time ago but practice brings back the memories) and I love to write and read. also I love to cook and bake and i love to learn new things every day...

I am
Originally from Germany and moved here a little while ago (the reason that brought me here is a long story)

I carry my heart on my sleeves and tend to make a bad first impression sometimes due to my openhearted and honest nature but also those who enjoy honesty and true care enjoy my presence... I am kind of a extroverted introvert with a little anxiety issue sometimes (but it is all manageable for me) so it does not stop me from being a little sassy at times. I don’t spent much time without my family (like literally hardly ever) which results in that I don’t party or go out to bars or such i also don't miss it, but that does not make me less fun. I am hilarious I am fun to be around and Overall I am a part time nerd with full time adventurer potential. I am totally for having a video game datenight with pizza and the chalange to figure out who is more advanced in the game...(I’d love to play more sometimes but I recently moved a lot and had to sacrifice my old consoles *ps4 a switch and a psp to be close to my family here...) my absolute favorite games are open world games such as red dead redemption one and two or days gone. Besides those I love tekken and the old classics... also I love DnD or better said DSA (german version) and the binding of Isaac the card game... but above all I live up to read the bible which is encouraging me teaching me and filling my heart with hope and joy... I am very often busy with doing devotionals. It got me thru so much in my life (things years of therapie had no chance to get me thru and probably will not get me thru).
but I am not just all for sitting at home
I love the great outdoor. gods creation.
I love to be outside somewhere alone with 0 people around and no technology in the woods far far away (it’s so relaxing with no one around and be just in nature lets just grab a tent and yhe car and leave the town into the woods)

I love to share my happiness and my laughs... I laugh about all sorts of jokes and love puns but since English is my second language I need sometimes a little explanation... that doesn’t make the joke less funny! Make me laugh and smile and you made a quarter way thru to my heart!

How would I describe my ideal partner....

A smart guy with the will to learn new things in his life or try new things in his life! A man that goes to church regularly reads the Bible and does not shy away reading it with me or to me (i love quotes out of the bible and someone that is mindful). and would like to live a life like god wants us to live... no adultry no lies and no silence... A adventurer just like me with nerd qualities! Someone that speaks his mind and hates lies just like I do! Someone that laughs a lot and loves to make others laugh. a guy that values a woman with a good heart and the will to go thru anything with her partner.
A guy who is not allergic to kids or even has kids himself and eventually wants (more) kids himself with the right woman...
It would be absolute a dream for me if you were taller than I am (I know so clichè!!!! but think about this way I am a 5’9” tall woman I am strong and independent ...
I truly want to find a guy that gives me the feeling I can count on him! someone that has the strength to be there thru hard times and good times no matter what! so.eone that does not just promises to be around but is willing to be there the same as I want to be for him
someone that knows how put our lord Jesus first and wants to follow him no matter what (someone that might be able to handle someone with a big heart, that cares sometimes too much and wants to serve the lord *) I would love to find a partner that can wrap me in his arms and make me feel small and vulnerable but save and wanted! a big romantic softy if you want to say so but with honesty and loyalty... i wouldn't even mind a rough tough past as long as the lord is your Sheppard now and he knows himself good enough to know what he wants.

If you are having all those qualities and if you fully fulfill my description great but there is more to that... catch me with intelligent conversations with your dreams your personality and your Ideas. I would love to find a guy I can talk about everything laugh about anything and conversate on a high level. Make fun about eachother and still feel like we are on the same level of attraction;)

absolute no go:
The most annoying thing is someone that does not read my profile and puts no effort and interest in getting to know me! (I mean getting to know each other is connected with effort)
The “i tell you what ever you wanna hear” guy to get what he wants...
Dumbness and mindlessness!!!!

The "trust me I am your dream guy".... "let's get flirtatious" "you are beautiful....but i don't take you serious" the "let's hookup and see where things go" type
A "I am just one or two subjects interested and don't want to look over the edge of my plate" guy.
Someone that gets very rude if I don't answer right away... (I am not always online and I have often just not the time to check my mailbox multiple times a day or sometimes I am just socially drained from all that is coming with in this world when it comes to social networking)

Besides that thank you for your attention i hope to hear from you
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