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I am nothing without Christ. Literally. Only in Him is my strength found. I am very laid back except on the topic of christianity, because Jesus never held back on that subject.

I believe the KJV Bible is the only english bible to be truly pure. And heres why... the word of God comes from Antioch (Acts 13:14, 44, 49). Now where did all the revised english bible manuscripts come from? The answer is Alexandria.

Seven english Bibles are translated out manuscript copies from Antioch.

1. The Tyndal Bible
2. The Coverdale Bible
3. The Mathews Bible
4. The Great Bible
5. The Geneva Bible
6. The Bishop Bible
7. The authorized King James Bible (purified 7 times)

The NIV and other revised english bibles are man's private interpretation of God's Word. (Clement, Origen, Pantaenus, and others). Knowing this first, that no phropecy of the scripture is of any private interpretation. (2 Peter 1:20,21).

All revised bibles use the Nestle Aland Greek new testament text supervised by the Vatican. Simply put, would you want the pagan roman catholic church supervising your protestant Bible Translation? Or better yet, Muslims?

The Qumran caves produced the "Dead Sea Scrolls" which are approximately 1000 years older than the masoretic text of the old testament used in the authorized KJV Bible. However, the NIV and the other revised bibles couldn't use them. They only consulted them, leaving them with inaccurate text. And heres why...Because the only completed scroll in the "Dead Sea Scrolls" is the book of Isaiah. Everything else is just fragments of incomplete books. And no book of Esther. It doesn't have any reliable New Testament fragments, or quotes from Jesus either. Not to mention... the Essenses who wrote the scrolls were not born again or authorized by the Holy Ghost at all.

The 2011 preface of the revised New International Version reads this; "The committee has again been reminded that every human effort is flawed - including this revision of the NIV. We trust, however, that many will find it an improved representation of the word of God, through which they hear His call to faith in our Lord Jesus Christ and to service in His Kingdom. We offer this version of the Bible to him in whose name and for whose glory it has been made.
The Committee on Bible Translation.

The problem is that God's Word is not flawed. God's Word is settled in Heaven (Psalms 119:89). God's word is proven (Psalms 18:30). But God's Word is not flawed. I suggest if a Publisher or Translator tells you their product is flawed, you should probably believe them.

The last thing I want to say on the matter is that I think you would also see (if you compared the KJV and the NIV, plus several other revised bibles side by side) that the KJV is a lot more powerful in wording. Also a lot more serious in the way it speaks, especially on the subject of sin and the punishment we truly deserve. Anyways, enough on that subject:)

There's a chance you actually read all that. If so, I think that it is a good beginning in getting to know each other. And you may be wandering why I chose to bring up the that subject in my personal descriptive profile... I could've brought up any subject, like a womans modesty, but that subject is what first came to mind, and possibly says a little more than the others:) I believe it can be very insightful:)

I am looking for the woman God has for me. I trust that if you send me a wink or add me to favorites, that you have prayed about us:) And God has for me a wife, not a playdate.
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Coffee, hiking
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