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*****NOTE: I will respond to all messages (but only from PROFILES WITH PICTURES), even if it is to thank you for your message and politely say I do not think we would be a match. I prefer ladies who are in their 50's to 60's and will not consider young ladies in their 20's or 30's.

P.S.: It is awesome to see your beautiful pictures! Yet there is just something about seeing your amazing inward beauty, captured in what you write here in this "ABOUT ME" section. I know ... it takes time! And, yes, it is a pain! But think of it as a one-time investment—that answers so many questions about who you are on the inside. And how about this added bonus: It helps deter messages from some you might not be interested in ... like me, right? So how about it? I'll lend you my pen!

Hmm ... speaking of pictures, I have a little story to tell: I was browsing the used car ads, looking for a good, used car. My eyes were arrested by 4 pictures of a 12-year-old Toyota Camry—just the model and brand I wanted . It sparkled like a new car! Not a spot of rust and the interior was amazing! The price ... unbelievably low for a car in such amazing condition. Problem: The car was 5 hours drive away.

But it was such a good deal I decided to go see it—with cash in hand. And I begged the owner to hold it till I got there. Guess what? It was a rust bucket! And stained on the inside like nothing I had ever seen! I was miffed and I said to the guy, "But the pictures show a car that is like new!" Here's what he said: "The pictures are the ones I took when it was new." Then he had the nerve to say, "So, what do you think? Do you want her?"

Moral of the story, you ask? Well, those amazing pictures you have posted of yourself ... are they you when you were much "NEWER" than you are now? If so, then how about including a recent "Rusty" one of yourself in a message? (Come on! Lighten up and smile, won't ya! )

*****WARNING: Stop! Don't read any further! You might like me! Ha! WARNING*****

________________________________________ ________________________________________
My desire is a lady to walk side-by-side with as one, to whom I am inseparably joined, and whose company I enjoy, and, likewise, she mine. Simply put: We love being with each other. She has a deep love for Jesus, earnestly desires to advance His kingdom, and is willing to give her all to do so. In essence, the kingdom of God is the underlying and driving force of her life and takes priority over all her other desires.

My earnest hope is a lady eager to help me fulfill my God-given vision ... which could include help marketing books I will write (one almost ready to publish). My vision is too vast for just me, alone. I need the strength, the energy, and the drive of a lady ... all that she is, and all that she has within her.

Along with physical attraction, there would be a chemistry connection that suits my personality—and, of course, mine would suit hers, as well. I seem comfortable with an outgoing, friendly, people-person, who enjoys a good laugh and has a good sense of humor. Someone who is intelligent, yet playful and witty, with a welcoming smile, and also a good conversationalist. One who is able to see the heart of another person ... including, and importantly, my heart as well. (Though it really is hard to nail down the blend of a suitable personality, I can usually tell fairly quickly if someone is the right blend for me.)

It is important we be on the same wave-length regarding doctrine, and matters of right and wrong. I am kind of black-and-white on many matters. I don't steal or tell lies, even little white lies. So you will find me to be honest and transparent. I mean honest about me ... not 'bluntly' honest about what I 'think' I see in others. Truth be known, I am gentle with others (I think so, anyway). And so I would be with my spouse (yet I know I would not be perfect in that, but I will apologize when I am not).

I do not indulge in either alcohol or gambling, including social drinking, and I have never bought a lottery ticket (I have an amusing story about winning lottery tickets given to me by my brother). I do not even buy tickets from children raising funds for school, or sports, etc. Instead, since I like to support such things, I give them money and tell them I do not want a ticket. I hope you feel the same way, or would be willing to adapt for my sake.

To sum up, I desire a lady I can walk with ... live with ... minister with ... pray with ... and enjoy life with. Not a roommate, or even a cook, or a house-maid, or an errand-girl. In essence, a true companion and lover. Yet, it would be great if she can take from my plate many of the mundane but necessary things of this life. Kind of free me so I can focus upon writing and studying, which I do a lot of ... and 'need' to do a lot of ... in order to fulfill God's vision. Such a lady would be worth her weight in gold. And I would sacrificially give myself to her and for her, to make her feel loved and special and care for.

________________________________________ ________________________________________
All right. Brace yourself! And make sure you're sitting down. If you are driving please pull over, but keep your seat-belt on so you do not eject through the sunroof (lol!). I'll try to break this to you gently, so I will spell it backwards. "I do not have a 'noisivelet'!" Did you get that? No. Okay, I'll give you a hint. It has one big eye. It talks non stop. Sometimes it says bad words, it gossips, and it even shows people in their birthday suits. It is likely in your living room, your bedroom, your den, and maybe even in your bathroom. Did you guess it? Great! But just in case you didn't, I'll say it: I have not had a TV (I said the short version to lessen the shock ) for practically 44 years, except a few times for short periods.

Pretty please, with a cherry on top and I promise to buy you the moon (good idea since the moon is made of cheese and I absolutely love cheese. Ha!) Could you entertain the notion of living without one ... just while we are on earth, that is. After that, you can have one for all eternity, a big screen, bigger than you can imagine!

Seriously, though, I have never missed that one-eyed monster. I actually wonder where I could get the time for it. I am not bored without it. But, since the dawn of the internet, I have availed myself of occasionally watching movies on YouTube (sometimes too much). So, how about it, can you see yourself without a television? I hope so. It is kind of important to me. (By the way, your great-grandmother never had one, and she did okay and never missed it ... or even thought about it. So I might not be that strange after all. Right?) Did I catch you smiling?

________________________________________ ________________________________________
I am somewhat laid back, but not shy. A mostly choleric, phlegmatic blend with a tendency to be a leader, yet content to follow if I feel a situation is handled well. But I can be somewhat 'pushy' when I think what someone is doing does not make sense. (I am working on that, though.)

POSITIVE:I am quite adaptable and can live anywhere and be okay. I seem to be able to adjust my mind and emotions as a situation demands. I am not easily flustered. Instead, I look for the solution to a problem, rather than being overcome by it. I smile lots and I sense the peace of God.

NEGATIVE: None! (Smiley face time.) Okay, okay! Um ... you can skip this part. No. Are you still reading? Oh, alright .... if you insist. (1) I have a tendency to internalize a hurt. In other words, when my feelings are hurt, I will be quiet ... and one might not know it. But I am working on this because I know this is not good. (2) I still see tiny roots of pride. Nothing like it used to be, though. I recognized this vice within me many years ago and set a guard against it. I am looking forward to becoming the meekest man on earth (you know, just like Moses). What makes me sad is ... I won't be able to tell you when I get there ... because that will ruin it! (Ha!) (3) I love cheese! Yummy! Awesome! Give me more! (Got ya there, didn't I? The rest you will have to discover for yourself. Wanna get married?)

I have to finish this off on a good note. (Don't want you running off to another profile!) So here goes. I am a deep thinker and entertain serious questions. God is awesome to me, and so is His creation. I wonder at Him and at it! I am a good listener and find it easy to empathize with people in their circumstances and struggles, since I have faced many of my own. I have failed enough, messed up enough, tripped up enough, blundered enough, and lost enough, to know I am not 'super-spiritual'.

________________________________________ ________________________________________
DOCTRINE (Those Important Things I Believe)
Being saved through the name of Jesus and repentance from sin is foundational to faith. The baptism in the Holy Spirit is essential to the Christian walk, though not to being saved. Speaking in other tongues ... I would feel lost without it! Especially when it comes to prayer since it lifts me beyond my own limitations and brings me into praying for those things my mind fails to perceive.

I am convinced healing and deliverance are for today, but, sadly, the simple truths concerning them lay buried beneath a pile of excuses for our inability to produce. Hence I study. I search for answers. I'm also persuaded the Church is in need of revival ... another great awakening. Seems that heresies have crept in and derailed the Church, turning her away from her mission ... the biggest culprit being the 'prosperity gospel'.

SUBMISSION (Such A 'Dirty' Word!)
I concur with what the word of God teaches regarding submission, whether it be people submitting to their God-given shepherds, wives submitting to their husbands, children to their parents, etc. Yes, this is a touchy subject. And our carnal, fleshly nature grates against this principle. But we do need to embrace it and make it part of our lives.

In this day of the internet where there are a plethora of preachers who air their messages online, some people have chosen to 'ATTEND' church online, rather than be part of a local church. I am persuaded that each of us needs to be part of a local church body, attending regularly. We all need to be under a pastor and accountable to a body of people, who care about us and know us and can speak into our lives.

________________________________________ ________________________________________
I enjoy writing and write practically daily and see it as a God-given gift. I lead a weekly Bible study, and my strengths are prayer and study of the word of God. Leaning towards evangelism, and having a heart for the down-and-out, I was involved in prison ministry and inner-city outreach many years ago. But for the past 20-plus years, I have been engaged primarily in a study on healing.

________________________________________ ________________________________________
I have several scriptures that have become anchors on my journey. These are some:
(1) Rom.8:28 has carried me through many difficult times;
(2) Heb.11:6 and Jer.29:13 birthed in me a desire to seek God with all my heart;
(3) Ps.51:6 and Ps.139:23-24 helped create within me an 'inward-looking' eye ... to expose the darkness hidden in my own heart;

But two most influential scriptures for me are Is.55:5 and Heb.11:8. Planted within me 44 years ago, they have lived quietly, almost serenely in my spirit. Even while in some of the deepest pits of my soul ... though in some pits their light was almost extinguished. They are the well-spring of the vision which I have continually lived for, that is yet to be realized. And these two scriptures have kept me open to going to (maybe even moving to) anywhere in the world God might direct me.

My earnest desire is to have a soul-mate to accompany me, and to help me on the rest of my journey ... wherever that may lead, into whatever storms we may encounter, as God's plan and long-awaited vision unfolds. (Could that be you?)

________________________________________ ________________________________________
Outside of study of God's word, prayer, and advancing the kingdom of God, I really have no interests or hobbies. Not to say there are not things I enjoy, for there are. It's just that the things of God have taken my heart so that I prefer them over other things. As well, the vision God gave me (one that has died many times through circumstances of life, only to be resurrected again by God) still lives in me. Though it is now more than 44 years, it only is my interest. It is my only hobby. I live to fulfill it.

Yet life with all of its demands still has to be lived. Hence I make time for the things I deem important, such as children and grand-children ... and, of course and especially, she who will be my soul-mate, confidant and best friend. And I squeeze in what I call the 'necessary evils of life', like preparing meals, and (eek! ) house-work, and grocery shopping (which I actually enjoy ), and whatever else I 'must' do to survive in this world. Yet all these things I do as one performing a balancing act, striving to keep the kingdom of God in its rightful 'first' place, while still giving proper time to the rest.

And, oh yes ... I love cheese! If you buy me some, I'll marry you! (Smile again. )

________________________________________ ________________________________________
A few years back, for my protection to avoid making a costly mistake, I put into place two signs that would have to happen if someone 'COULD BE' for me. Nothing spectacular and definitely not like Gideon's fleeces. Just very ordinary things that would indicate someone 'MIGHT BE' the will of God for me. If they did not take place, then the person I was considering would not be for me.

Also, I have written what I call my 'Journey Overview', which is a sketch of my journey and saves me rehashing my life with someone with whom there might be mutual interest. So, before any real communication begins, and before feelings develop, I submit that to her. Since it is too long for this site, and also personal, I send it to her via email.

If she still wants to marry me after reading it, then we set the date for 3 months' time and elope. (Ha! Got ya' again! Didn't I! )

________________________________________ ________________________________________
If you are looking for a wealthy man who can give you all the things this world has to offer, then I would probably not be the one for you. Life has not turned out that way for me. I have experienced some losses. I am not saying that wealth could not come my way, because God can restore what I've lost. And I actually expect He will ... likely via my writing ... though that is not the reason I write.

Yet, if God does bless me with finances, I do not see myself living like the wealthy and amongst the wealthy. Rather, by choice, I would live a modest lifestyle. I have determined not to live like the 'prosperity preachers'. No fancy cars, no expensive toys, no big house. Yet not poor ... just comfortable. I hope you are willing to adopt that way of living as well.

I see myself being a giver ... I already am that now. I have a heart for the poor. I could not hoard and just spend on me. Yes, I would bless my children (and my spouse's children if she has any). Yet my children are doing well and really do not need my help.

At this point what I can offer is a life lived for God, one focused upon advancing His kingdom, whatever that may look like, in whatever it is God directs us to do.

So, what do you think? Any takers? Should I give out numbers? (Ha! Just kidding.)

One thing, though, since God could call me to another nation (a notion I have lived with for 44 years ... explanation further down) she would need to be both 'WILLING' and 'ABLE' to go to any place in the world God may bid us go. (Which could be short term or long term.)

________________________________________ ________________________________________
Well, you read all the way to the end of this 'long' profile. I commend you. You must be a persistent lady! And thanks for doing that. If something has caught your attention and you would like to message me, then do so. I will message you back.

Thanks again for reading this 'long' profile. You definitely are one persistent trooper!

God bless you and direct you in your search for that right companion for you.
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I guess it would be an internet meeting to start. After that ... well, we can figure that out.
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