If you ask me were i am from or what i am looking for, you haven't read my profile.

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Hello and God bless. I really hope and pray you are doing well and find your Godly predestined mate. I have been on this site for a while and have meet many good people, many scammers and fakes, and many who say they want something i possess but just in a different package. Thats ok because I am now putting it in Gods hands. I am giving it up to Him and letting go of control. I dont know how, or if, he will bring this about, so i am not deleting this profile. He may or may not use this as a tool for Him. I know I am a great guy and if it is His will some wonderful woman will discover this. If not i am perfectly willing to live a Bartholomew life. (Just in case you dont know who he is, he was a deciple who never married and just lived his life in service of the Lord.)

What i want?

I want to be married again and know that He will provide. I will delight first in Him and He will grant me the desires of my heart (psalms). What i am waiting for, is a woman made for me from my missing rib. A woman who will only have eyes for me and who's love, beauty, spirit, femininity, and faith i will only have eyes for. A woman with whom i will cleave to and become one flesh with. (Gen 2:14). But most of all a woman who will stay with me always and not let the ways of this world tear her away. (Mathew 19:6). In other words i am looking for the last woman on earth for me. So i have decided no more target practice, shooting out winks and hello's hoping to hit the target. I want to date with the intent of marriage. I dont want to spend weeks texting to only be ghosted, because to much of just texting leads to boardom. I want phone and video calls so we can really get to know each others hearts and characters. I dont need perfection. I dont care about your past. Only who you are today and are trying to become. So if this is you, message me. I look forward to meeting you.

My favorite passage in the Bible is romans 5:1-5.

I look for the elegance, femininity and grace in a woman as apossed to her looks. Dont get me wrong there must be some physical attraction but what i find very attractive is a woman who can walk into a room of men and hold her own without sacrificing her femininity and grace. Someone who dosent feel like she needs to prove she is tougher than everyone else but is strong.

Finnally, i feel i should just put this out in the open. I have ED (Erectile disfunction). Which is a major reason my wife of 10 years cheated on me and left. I am looking for a woman who can accept this and still love and commit to me dispite it. I cant father anymore children because of it but i would love and accept yours as they were my own, and would love to foster and/or adopt.

So i have been on this site for about three years now and seeing as i get asked this alot, here is my record. 286 banned/scanners, 167 women ghosted me. 176 women just simply ignored me, (come on ladies, a simple hello is not a proposal of marage.) 129 were kind enough to say hi back but were honest that they were not interested in me, (thank you very much, i really appreciate that kind of respect and honesty.) 431 women from out side the US looking for an american husband. (Not sure if they were all looking for green card sponsors or not.) And one woman i fell deeply in love with but she didnt want to do long distance and started dating a man a month after she told me that. It was kinda heart breaking. But oh well. God heals and knows best. I guess my point is i am still holding out hope for the ONE to be sent my way.
(These numbers are just guesses ;), i really didn't keep track.)
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How about a milk shake and a walk.
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