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How would I describe myself? In short: geeky, artistic, usually hungry, and if it's from the 1970's I have probably watched it, listened to it, or worn it. I also consider myself an easygoing person who is calm under pressure, although i am often described as having a "religious work ethic" when I have a job to do. I try to exercise when I have days off work (I have a very mental job).

I am a true "fish out of water", but I like to think it keeps me open-minded and adaptable to new experiences and adventures. I love to learn things and follow wherever they lead, but I never lose focus on the things that are important to me, and everything I do and learn will feed back into those very things.

Some little facts about me...

-Film buff, especially classic science-fiction. Sucker for classic literature as well.

-I like watching sunsets, but I hate watching sunrises.

-I can remember every king and queen of England from 1043. Hoping one day this will come in handy on a pub quiz...

-Love holidays where I can explore and see/learn new things. I like an adventure through some ancient ruins or to climb a mountain just because they're there.

-Two sugars in my tea, please (actually, more like one and a half...I'm trying to cut down...slowly).

Don't leave me to care for your houseplants. Their chances of survival are low.

Going to have to stop there or I'll end up writing my entire life story...and then no one will buy the book...
Wrapping up my PhD in Psychology.
Making Sherlock Holmes look aloof by comparison.
Stay humble, because life makes fools of us all at some point.
Favourite Book: Les Miserabl├ęs

Music: Toto, Rush, Bruce Springsteen, Genesis...basically anything from the 80's. If there's synthesisers, i'm there.

TV: Supernatural, NCIS, Joan of Arcadia, Doctor Who, Star Trek, Peep Show

Movies: The Breakfast Club, Lucas, 8 and a Half...anything sci-fi that isn't Star Wars (yeah I said it).
- 2H pencil. Won't draw in anything else.

- MP3 player.

- Pin badges. Lots of them.
-Early existential philosophy.

-Wondering if I will ever have time to make that rock opera album I've been thinking about for years.
Working! (Seriously, best plan things any other day/evening in the week)
Doing anything for love (but not that).
You are someone to spend time with who has a passion of their own (Whatever it is), someone who might enjoy the occasional adventurous day out, trying out new places to eat and drink, but also just relaxing in front of the TV because sometimes lazy days are the best days. Finally, and most essentially, a partner who I would consider an equal.

Also, you are actually interested in dating and not accruing penpals or instagram/Snapchat followers

Or you're just willing to bless the rains down in Africa with me
First Date
Sushi and chocolates
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