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A Marriage Partner
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Lutheran Church, Missouri Synod
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Once or Twice a month
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1 or 2 on occasion
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Sure, why not
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Yes but they're grown
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Retired Pastor/Christian Apologist
Present: Part time Legal Documents Technician
music, intellectual conversation, hiking, biking, walking at the mall, theater, concerts, travel, cardio cycling.

Since I traded running for cycling, I have become an athletic cyclist! My cycling workout is 7 days a week, 17 miles each day - divided betw
About Me
I want to find my Soulmate and get married.

Update: Almost 2 years ago I exchanged running for cycling. I consistently cycle 17 miles every day. divided between bike path, Planet Fitness, and on my home exercise bike.

My profile is straightforward and honest. I look exactly like my photos. If I look younger than my age, I credit my mom's genes, daily cardio cycling, and staying slender.

" Ïf you meet me and forget me you have lost nothing,
But if you meet Jesus Christ and forget Him, you have lost everything!"

My Christian Faith is very important to me. Yet I am a very normal fun loving guy with a great sense of humor. I still believe that spiritual things are far more important than anything else. But I am not a religious fundamentalist. My faith is deeply intellectual.

I am excited to share the experience of romantic magic, attraction, falling in love, and being truly committed to you for life!

Being educated means that I stuck it out through the academic process, time and demands. It does not mean that I am well off financially. And it does not mean that I think that I am any better than anyone else. Because I am educated, I do enjoy intellectual conversation. I am creative, resourceful, conversant on many subjects, and a determined problem solver. Because of my education and faith, I generally find no need to curse or use the F word. In fact, many have found it hilarious when they hear my creative choice of alternative words! Lol!

I am a gentleman who treats my special lady as my Princess! At times, I will share with my Sweetheart sincere and carefully chosen romantic words, just for her! I am a comedian of sorts, so I find humor in almost everything! I enjoy and just having fun. Communication is key, so my special lady will never have to doubt my love for her! I strive to be a very good listener, because what she shares will always be very important to me!

Although I do not smoke. I casually use a Vape.

Presently, I am in retirement transition; downsizing from my career income. But I still enjoy life, spend some money, and find romantic elegance in creative ways. I still have very high taste, but now I must find creative ways to enjoy the same things in a less expensive way. If you are only interested in guys who are well off financially, just pass me up, okay? I want to be wanted for the quality guy that I am; my appearance, well conditioned shape, personality, sense of humor, and how I treat my special lady. Whether I’m wearing my favorite Hart Schaffner & Marx suit, or I am casual, I will always look my best for you! You will always be pleased to be seen with me.

Those who know me would say that I am charming, romantic, a good listener, treating you like a lady, and always providing exciting conversation. They would also tell you what I think of romantic love; that love is not real unless it is freely wanted and given. One cannot make another person want or love. When two people mutually want and freely give love to each other, it is magic! My friends would also tell you that I am a card! Lol! My exaggerated sense of humor is fun and exciting!

French Poet Paul Valery said, “Love is being stupid together.” Bruce Lee said "Romantic love is like a friendship caught on fire!"

If you become my Sweetheart, we will always have fun together! You can always count on me to listen, to help, to be your true Sweetheart & Best Friend, and even to laugh and to cry together!

I was married for twenty seven years, never expecting to be single again! During the ten plus years since, I have recovered from divorce, learned how to date again, and I have learned so much about the second time single life! I noticed that those who are single again.8i

I was a college academic advisor who changed careers in midlife. For 21 years my sole career was as director of a Christian nonprofit organization. I was a Christian Apologist with a demanding guest speaking schedule, radio talk shows, and campus debates. Presently I am semi retired. I do freelance Paralegal work, and periodic guest speaking.

My favorite artists include: Atlantic Star, Chaka Khon, Earth Wind & Fire, Barry White, Bos Scaggs, Shalamar, Tavarez, Natalie Cole, Donna Summer, Simply Red, the BB&Q Band, GQ, LaZebra, Luther Vandross, George Benson, Phil Collins, The Doobie Brothers, Chicago, and many others! I also enjoy piano jazz, and coffeeshop music.

I also enjoy dancing, fine dining, mall shopping, reading, intellectual conversation, trail walking, sight seeing, travel, camping, and cookouts. I greatly enjoy the fall seasonal activities, and holiday activities.

FAMILY: I have a son who is an Executive Chef and a daughter who is a Certified Pet Groomer.

EDUCATION: My education and awards includes a Bachelor, Master of Arts, and an Honorary Doctorate: I studied Paralegal via Scott Community College.
First Date
Listening to soft romantic music and talking, an elegant dinner, walking and holding hands
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