And the just shall live by faith.

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Jesus saves, John 3:16 means alot.
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I never really know what to write on here, I do know that the main purpose of our life here is to do all things unto obedience to God, and our savior Jesus who gave up his life so that we might live and have a life everlasting. To tell others about him and to love one another as he loves us. Sometimes we fall short, but we press on to finish the race set before us, and to hear those words "Well done". God says that it's not good for man to be alone so he gives us people to help build each other up and to help one another.
I think that the love between a man and a woman is sacred and something to be cherished, especially in this world today where hardly anything is taken seriously anymore. It is a blessing from God and that is ultimately what I'm looking for, but I want to be patient to know that it is his will.

When it comes to personal questions about what we like and don't like, I miss the asking to find out; dating these days has changed so much. I guess I'm just old school and it's hard to get past the fact that everything is done online these days. Not always for the better, but it can still be a blessing. God always turns these things around and uses them for good.

Reading the word daily is crucial, I try to stay where I need to be, prayer is very important and he even tells us we have not because we ask not. Paul tells us to pray without ceasing!

I enjoy music, I do play guitar, and I'm trying to get back into reading music and start playing the piano again. I'm not the best but I'm thankful that God gave me a love for music :) My biggest pitfall is procrastination.

I love nature and am thankful for the artistic creation that God makes new everyday for us to enjoy, we are blessed so much more than we realize, and we need to stop and thank him daily.. and whenever we think about it.

I do believe that men are spiritual leaders in the home and that place is important to God, wives are partners to the husband, it's a team effort. The Bible tells us all we need to know about how to live and be as a people. Children should grow up learning about Jesus and what he did for us and how to have the necessary understanding and knowledge for this life. And what comes next. To be within God's will and to be successful.

I'll leave the rest up to a conversation with someone who feels like what I've said lines up with what you believe. Jesus is King! and savior of the world, who took our rightful place, when he didn't deserve it. What we deserve no longer holds us, all we have to do is ask for forgiveness. He is faithful and just to forgive us all our sins and cleanse us from all unrighteousness! Thankful for such a free gift.!
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