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faith and following the God's purpose on my life, meditating, watching tv sermons and Christian programs, listening to deep Soothing music, watching good movies, nature.
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Hi,my name is meena danial, i prefer to introduce myself as a Christ follower. because I believe the real Christianity is not about following some denominational traditions or rituals, but it's all about following the voice of God on our life every day and in every decision we want to make, this can only happen when we receive Jesus Christ as a daily private Saviour, fully surrender our heart and will to Him, and let him shape us into another new vessel as it seems good to Him in order for us to get a new identity in Christ and be filled with his Holy Spirit, to become completely reliants on His grace in every aspect of our life and to know His great will, the perfect plan and the joyful purpose that He has for us to live our life to the fullest.{ (Proverbs 8: 34-36), (John 1: 12),(2 Corinthians 5: 17),(Ephesians 2: 10).}

over years of shaping and reforming between the hands of God, He has taught me a lot and is still teaching me and I'm so grateful to him. some good things and values I've learned and gained from my personal relationship with God are:  walking by faith not by sight, divine wisdom, humility, integrity, honesty, kindness and circumspection.

i'm also, by the grace of God, an independent, deep thinker and detail-oriented kind of persons who love to do things thoroughly and hate superficiality and impulsiveness. i love the meditative quiet life; it serves the God's purpose on my life.

i'm romantic and love listening to deep soothing musics especially slow tempo ambient ones. i adore the innocence, tenderness, gentleness and cuteness in all incarnations especially in babies. and have a great compassion for animals especially cats, and birds especially doves. i also have a good sense of humour.

i'm ambitious; i believe i can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. Currently, by the grace of God, i'm planning a video game with a deep story that aims to preach the gospel of the kingdom and correct the most wrong concepts ( in the minds of the unbelievers & even the nominal Christians ) about God and how to please him.

soon, i will make my arrangements to migrate to Europe or north America to achieve my dream to implement this project.

two important facts i've learned from God about people and relationships :-

the first fact :-
there is no good or beauty in the nature of the human heart without Jesus Christ's grace that regenerates and changes it to a new one after God's heart; that can sense His voice, follow His lead and do His will by His HolySpirit's power. experiencing this fact has led me to make my first priority when choosing my life partner, be looking for a real mature Christ follower who has been through pains according to God's will, because only the carrying of our crosses (the suffering for God) can increase our faith in him, make us grow in His grace, deepen His word's roots inside us, and thus bring maturity in our personal spiritual relationship with Him.{ (Matthew 10: 38, 39), (Matthew 16: 24, 25), (Mark 8: 34, 35), (Luke 9: 23, 24), (Luke 14: 27), (Romans 5: 3-5), (Romans 8: 17), (Galatians 2: 20), (Hebrews 12: 6-11), (James 1: 2-4), (1 Peter 4: 1,2), (1 Peter 5: 10).}

the second fact :-
mutual love must be the first basis of any deep interpersonal relationships especially marriage, but what only makes marriage founded on rock is when that mutual love between partners springs from the fountain of the living water that the lord Jesus Christ creates inside their hearts after receiving Him as the private saviour for their lives, fully surrendering their hearts and wills to him, and becoming completely reliants on his grace in order to unite them into one flesh, nourish the love relationship between them emotionally and practically, and lead their life together.

this is the design that God puts for the real successful, fruitful, and happy marriage when God becomes the first and the center of the couple's life, He fills them up with His everlasting love and forgiveness that makes them overflow with this love and forgiveness, in return, towards each other. and this is what makes the relationship between them nourished, fruitful and ever-growing.

there is also a second basis that plays an important role in achieving the harmony between the couple's members which is the compatibility between the personal major characters of each one of them with the other.
and also between the goals and purposes that God has put on the life of each one of them with the other.

sorry for my elongation.
God bless.
First Date
let's start as friends and see if there is a spiritual, intellectual and emotional harmony enough between us to progress to the next stage in our relationship.
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