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Prayer, meditation, reading, philosophy, nature, outdoor activities, family and many more
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Good day to you! Welcome. I am a spiritual man, Catholic. My life is a mostly simple one, devoted to God and caring for people and I try not to complicate my life with passions about things that do not really matter.

It is my prayer to find a Filipina lady for marriage who is like myself, being spiritual, kind, intelligent, gracious, curious, happy, sweet and thoughtful, considerate of others and slow to anger, who can give me joy in her presence and who would like to accompany me in discovering our lives, and all the miracles of life.
I learned early in life that love is more than a feeling but also an action, something you must do for those you care about.
I have a mother so I know to treat a woman with respect, care and gentleness.

Being human, I have made my share of mistakes while learning how to live, but I always strive to learn from my mistakes

I live in a rural area surrounded by nature.

I love spending time in nature, walking in the National Forest adjacent to my home, hunting (for food), bird watching, praying, meditating and contemplating life. I also like to read and learn, especially spiritual teachings and philosophy.

From a young age I devoted myself to becoming something good in this world and following God.

I fashioned my spiritual discipline like that of a monk though I live in the world, (originally inspired by the writings of Father Thomas Merton).
I consider myself a complete man: I can change a baby's diaper, take care of sick and invalid (my father had a stroke when I was 13 years old and I had to be the man of the family that time), devoted to my mother ever since to be sure she is taken care of and has what she needs. I am compassionate and keenly understanding and intelligent. At the same time I can hunt an animal for food and live alone in the woods.I can build a house. I can protect my family and myself so that I am alive and well to continue taking care of them. I have practiced Japanese karate for 40 years and also formerly taught karate at university .

I have stable job at a university for the past 25 years and still working hard.
These are some my ideas of a well-rounded man: Flexible, educated and always learning, capable, devoted to God and others, gentle and compassionate to women, children, and strong and courageous in meeting life's challenges.

I have spent time in Philippines and admire Filipinos and Filipino culture so very much and have learned a lot from Filipinos that has made my life better. I pray for a Filipina in my life as my wife and companion.

Love God, be with Him always, know Him in all things and in every moment my friend...there you will find peace in yourself and with others
Please love one another!
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