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Greetings, I am new here! Just created a profile 06.03.21 Just turned 39. However, I look younger than my age.
If you are leftist liberal or a scammer, please do not contact me.

I am an unwoke Conservative! I believe in Biblical gender roles and courting vs dating.

My faith and relationships with the LORD are central to everything that I do. Consequently, I love the Lord with all my heart and He is my 1st Love.

I've never been married. No kids of my own. However, I would loooove to have kids some day if this is Lord's will.
I am direct and honest, independent and a hardworking person. I do not wait for things to be handed to me. I work hard for what I need, so should you!
No history of drugs or substance use. No debts.

I love intellectual conversations. I treat others like I would like to be treated. I was raised to respect older and elderly people.
My friends describe me as compassionate, kind, patient, modest, loyal, authentic, showing unconditional positive regard and an encourager.
I love serving and advocating for least of these. I love helping others in need.
If you cannot handle intellectual conversation and constantly glued to your phone, we will not be a good match.

I am going to toot my own horn here in the next few paragraphs this is only for purposes of getting to know me.
I am educated, well read and well traveled.
I love being active, running, my local Y, traveling locally or overseas, gardening, outdoors, cooking, spending time with friends and family. I like photography. I love catching the glimpses of the Lord's creations on my camera and later to savor the moment.
I love snooooow, mountains and cold climates. I do not do well in one season climates. I belive that all seasons are mesmerizingly beautiful!
I prefer grilling/cooking at home rather than going out. I love to feed people, lol. I always make extra food to take to work or to share with my neighbors and loved ones. I like my coffee strong im a connoisseur but not a snob.
I love reading, learning about the Lord daily through Scripture and spending time with Him. I love languages and speak several.
I'm not a TV junke but I like a good movie with a good plot/story so that I have something to think about afterwards. Have you seen Atlas Shrug yet?

My faith and relationships with the LORD is central to everything that I do consequently, I am looking for someone who is a solid Christian, not a lukewarm one.
A Best Friend, future husbad and a leader. Who is committed to have GOD at the center of our relationships. Who knows that only by putting GOD first in our relationships we will be able to have joyful Christ centered relationships that are honoring, pleasing and glorifying GOD.
A person who enjoys being physically active, serving the LORD together, who is confident yet humble, a best friend and a future husband who I can respect and support from the Biblical stand point.
I would love to serve, grow and learn about LORD as we grow old together.
Let's become best friends first, and pray and ask where the LORD leads. I prefer courting vs dating. In this day and age dating in Christian circles is so close to a secular one. Therefore, in order to honor the LORD and to protect both of us, I belive that courting is the best option.
If you made so far and read my preferences, please send me a message and use the word Sunshine. That way I know that you really read my profile.
Thank you! God bless!
P.S Please read this with gentle understanding.
That wink feature. Could you please stop using it? It's awkward. Do you wink at someone in real life? Just send me a greeting or a good question. Also, please stop asking me about Middle East. Middle Eastern is my ethnicity not my country. USA is my home and I am proud of it! Thank you :) and God bless!
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