The Biblical Boaz was financially rich, I'm not. But, I will share my garment.

Male | 61
United States
near Lake Geneva
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Semi Driver
Wilderness tent camping, canoeing, motorcycle riding, and though I don't have one, dogs.

I'm interested in finding a very special woman who would walk with me as we grow closer to God.
About Me
Ladies that don't think that they are "that Christian", don't be afraid of this Christian guy. I would love to walk with you as you get closer to God. ✝️

Are you the reason that I'm missing a rib?

● I'm 62 years old, not 61.

● I know that some guys exaggerate their height or at least roundup. I put that I am 6 ft 1in. However, I'm 6 feet 1 and a 1/2 inches tall.

● I am a moderate drinker, not a non-drinker. I make further explanation of this in the last paragraph of this section.

This profile will probably be a work in progress for quite some time.

I am a born again Christian. My walk with God is the most important thing to me.

I'm pretty easy-going and would do better with a woman who is even more easygoing than I am.

Politically I'm a constitutional conservative and I would not mesh well with a liberal minded lady.

I'm serious when need be but I love to joke around and I do it often.

This paragraph is part of my description. If it doesn't describe YOU AS WELL, then we're not a match. I don't have nor do I forsee ever having dependents with opposable thumbs. I've never been a smoker, alcoholic, or drug addict. I'm currently in the 48 continuous United States. I really don't like drama and my life is relatively drama free. My hair is not red, blue, purple, pink or green. I don't have any holes in my face that I wasn't born with. There is no part of my heritage that is black/African. I'm not married. The average adult can easily walk 1 mile in 18 minutes and so can I. I don't plan on getting anymore tattoos. I WILL NEVER BE ANYTHING BUT COMPLETELY HONEST WITH MY PARTNER.

HONESTY, respect, openness, communication and loyalty are 5 of the most important things in a relationship as far as I'm concerned. The lady for me would value them as much as I do. And if we're not already, we would become equally yoked in Christ.

More Clarification:
● I do not have any tattoos or piercings at all. In addition, I do not have any dependents regardless of opposable thumbs.

I have a positive attitude and great sense of humor that tends to be a quite goofy at times. I hope that you can be much the same and that you smile often and easily.

I've been divorced for over 17 years and without a girlfriend for over 18 months. So, I've had plenty of time to clear all old relationships out of my system. If you need more time to do the same then take it before approaching me. Because if you don't then we are doomed. I will not be held accountable for someone else's misdeeds. And if you're used to treating an ex in less than a pleasant way and you're still in that habit such that it spills over on to how you treat me, I will drop you like a hot potato. So, again, have Mark, Jeff, Steve, Kevin, Greg, Darshen... completely out of your system before saying hi to me.

Nothing is set in stone but I am very strongly considering moving to the Dallas Texas area within a year.

This is a singles site. If your profile doesn't already have them then please have 2 RECENT full length body pictures and 2 RECENT full head shots that you will share shortly after we start talking. - All 4 of my pictures show the dates they were taken.

The kind of lady I'm looking for is feminine but not high maintenance. She's logical but can be goofy. She'll go on a week long motorcycle ride in mid June and a week long wilderness- tent camping-canoe trip at the begining of August and be happy nesting quietly most of the nights in between. Yet, she's often ready for a mini adventure at the drop of a hat.

For those of you who have blocked drinkers from contacting you:
Throughout the Bible moderate drinking is smiled upon while drunkenness is frowned upon. Jesus, made wine, consumed wine, recommended it's moderate use and in 4 books commands us to drink wine. There is a whole lot more I could say about this subject, such as, those of you looking for a Boaz well, even he drank. But suffice to say that I am not an alcoholic, not a problem drinker and I drink in moderation. So, if all of the above doesn't change your mind then I wish you well. I do apologize to answering "no" to being a drinker but this is the only way to get you to read this. (Side note: I don't like to frequent bars.)
First Date
I would like our first several dates to be in places where we can communicate well.

In your first correspondence to me, so that I know that you've read all the way through my profile, please answer the following question.

Which, if any, of the following doesn't sound right?

1. I think I'll make a sandwich.

2. I think I'll have a sandwich.

3. I think I"ll get a sandwich.

4. I think I'll do a sandwich.

5. I think I'll eat a sandwich.

Don't just hope that I find your profile and approach you. Now that you've found me, say something. If you're shy or at a loss for words, just answer the sandwich thing.

SCAMMERS: I do not send anyone anything of monetary value if I haven't spent a considerable amount of time in person with them.

ONE FINAL BUT MOST IMPORTANT WORD: Ladies, I am 100% honest, 100% of the time with any woman that might be my forever partner. I NEED that same thing in return. If you're not willing or able or otherwise going to be 100% honest with me 100% of the time from the time we say hello to the time one of us dies then please don't bother contacting me. From the beginning to to the end there can never be a dishonest thing between us or my 100% trust will be permanently broken. And I don't stay with women that I can't trust 100%.
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