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Hello daughters of the Most High God! My name is Brad. I am from northern California. Currently, I am trying to finish my Bachelor's Degree in History from California State University, Chico. I'm also serving in the middle of a one-year term on the Sutter County Civil Grand Jury and thinking seriously about serving another term after that. God has given me a passion for public service and teaching. I plan on teaching history in a secondary school and one day much later in the future to run for elected public office. Both of which I have received prophetic confirmation for. Additionally, I have a lay ministry calling on my life. Unfortunately, too often in my attempts to prepare for the first two callings I have forgotten the last one. After being convicted I am working on that. In trying to pursue God's plans for my life I have encountered tremendous trials and borne my share of physical and emotional suffering. However, following a little more than two decades of extremely painfully slow progress the Lord has been providing me insight into what I have needed to give Him in order to experience greater freedom. He is in the process of setting me free from many bondages and infirmities. A peace that has long eluded me has come upon my life. Greater surrender and much more time spent in the presence of the Holy Spirit has had an incredible impact. During this transition I have discovered an increased love for crying out to Him, singing in the spirit and dialoguing with God, and during the crisis overseas in Ukraine, I have found that the Lord has gifted me as a burden bearer. I still have a long way to go in many unfolding positive changes. That is why for now I am limiting my "Looking For" status to "A talk/email buddy." The time has not arrived for me to pursue a romantic relationship yet.

I have an ambivert personality so I'm both a loner and enjoy being friendly with a diverse group of people. I have a patient, empathetic, forgiving, big, soft, sensitive, and tender heart. It should not be of any surprise then to know that I am a big animal lover. That is especially true with regards to the small fluffy kind (Yes...seriously ladies...I am one of those types). You must checkout the photo of my family's cute Maltese Terrier. The soft nature of my heart is even more true now with what God is doing in my life. However, despite that very strong soft side to my nature I also have a pugnacious polemical disposition. The older I get though, and the more mature in Christ I become, God has accomplished a lot of work in harnessing that side of myself for worthy times. I am very proficient in fighting shrewdly, civilly, and tenaciously with my mind, tongue, and pen for worthy causes. To put simply, I have strong opinions and am known to make sharp effective arguments. I should add too that I have a good free-wheeling sense of humor. Even though at times I can be fairly reserved, I can be quite jovial and love to laugh (especially at myself). I should note as well that I never engage in profanity.

I should clarify further of my intentions. The main catalyst for setting up this account was to connect with some Jesus loving women from Ukraine who need support amidst the war. There isn't much I can do in the natural as the disaster in Ukraine unfolds. But I feel called to intercede, comfort, bear the burdens, and pray for others in that far off war-torn land. From one Jesus lover to another... may he bless and keep you.
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Probably go out for coffee and begin to share with one another who we genuinely are.
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