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Historical, current affairs topics, archaeology, sitting in the garden, a walk along the river, sleeping in late, different cuisine, reflection on past actions, planning for the future, finding humour in Jonny Cash songs - man named Sue gets me laughing,
About Me
I am well spoken, polite, considerate, and confident, but not seeking to be the centre of attention. Self aware, protective, paternal, nurturing, adaptable, outwardly conservative/traditional values ... but privately ... I have more than a twinkle in my eye :)

I have interests in D/s play (google it if you do not know) and enjoy variety and imaginative consenting play.

I have no age restriction - so much younger and much older are welcome - as life is too short to be restricted.

I adore all historical subjects, my ideal career would be similar to being 'Indiana Jones' - a mix of bookish study and highly active field work and flying by the seat of my pants.

Tall, solid strong frame, happy with my appearance. Yes, could lose some weight. I dress for the occasion, so sometimes in a casual shirt or jacket, sometimes in smart suit. Avoiding ties unless I need to attend interviews or formal meetings. I prefer a classic design to fashion.

I uphold everyone's right to believe in whatever they desire, but advise I have no time for those who insist that 'aliens' are anything other than excellent fantasy material.

I accept we all make mistakes in life, although it is always best not to keep repeating them. I know only too well that we do not all start from the same advantages in life, but I do applaud people who have risen above those challenges and seek to develop. I will always support my partner achieve their goals and dreams. I have a modern and flexible approach to life and support different beliefs.

I have been 'saved' or baptised twice! Once in an old medieval church as a wee bairn and then again when mother was seduced by those charming boyish-good looking Mormon preachers going door to door and caught mum at a low point in her life. I and my brothers were duly roped into (almost literally ... as sheep entering the dipping pool) and received baptism number two ... not that we knew what was going on or even had time to consent. Life is funny ... sometimes

I have a healthy attitude and interest in physical and intellectual pleasure, and it is fair to say I'm very broadminded and open-minded. I hope to enjoy exchanging messages from like minded people and to meet-up. I'm practical, pragmatic, nurturing, protective and just a little bit 'reserved' as is common with the British culture ... but I'm very affectionate too ... once you know me
First Date
A meet for coffee outside, or lunch would be nice, something relaxed, non-formal. A walk and enjoying the company ... with some teasing and dare I say some flirting? :)
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